The Clixta app Allows Smartphone Users to Upload, Store And Share Their Old Photographs

Two British entrepreneurs have announced a new smartphone app that will allow people to upload, store and share their old photographs. The founders hope that the Clixta app can act both as a place where families or other groups can share old photos privately and as a public archive for British social history.

The app looks interesting but I have to wonder “what’s new?” Today’s smartphones already have a dozen or more available apps that will do essentially the same thing.

According to an article by Jane Wakefield in the BBC News, anyone using the Clixta app can upload photos either by scanning them or by taking a photo with their smartphone. They can choose whether to share them publicly or limit the images to a specified group. “I envisage a day when historians and educational institutions can use it, for example, to chart a high street going back over decades,” said Dean Newsome, one of the creators of the Clixta app.

A trial version of the Clixta app has been used by around 300 users and is now available to the wider public via Android’s Google Play store and Apple’s iTunes. The app presently is available free of charge although the two founders may switch to a paid version in the future.

You can read more in at and at

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