Heredis Genealogy Software is on Sale for 5 Days Only

The folks who produce Heredis genealogy software for Windows and for Macintosh are having a “flash sale” that will last for only 5 days, ending May 22, 2016. The price is only US $10.99 for Heredis software (PC and Mac) on The Macintosh version is also available for the same price in the Macintosh App Store.

UFlaoMKU2The producers of the software suggest there are MANY reasons to choose Heredis:

  • Unlimited program: you can enter as many persons, photos, copies of documents that you want!
  • Tens of features easy to adopt: from data entry, one of the Heredis strong points to tasteful family tree charts, Heredis advances your genealogy.
  • Unique functions as enter all members of one family on a single entry screen with the Family Group Data tab: the primary person, the parents, marriages, children, and even the partners of their children are represented!
  • Heredis is universal: whether you have a PC, a Mac, an iPad or iPhone, your genealogy is compatible everywhere, at all times with everybody.
  • A mobile version is compatible with the 2015 version of Heredis for iOS and Android. The mobile version is free.
  • GEDCOM format: if you have created a file with another genealogy program, it is easy to transfer in the Heredis program. Your file will be converted automatically in the Heredis version. All your data will be open.
  • For nearly 22 years, the team has been serving lovers of genealogy and the history of their ancestors.
  • Buying a Heredis license, you have 3 installations on different computers.
  • With the 2015 version, everything is now in Heredis. No need for additional software to be installed or paid for, to have all the necessary tools for your genealogy : photo tool, archives portal…

You can watch the video below or at:

More information, including screenshots, may be found at


Heidi Higginbotham May 18, 2016 at 8:46 am

I’ve been contemplating moving my tree to Roots Magic instead of using the expensive ancestry,com but dread the work involved with having to add the supporting documentation to the new tree. Heredis looks awesome and easy to use but wonder now if it interfaces somehow with Family Tree Maker like Roots Magic is now somehow doing? (I don’t really understand tech stuff.) anyone know?


Betty Lou Malesky May 19, 2016 at 9:22 am

I downloaded Heredis yesterday and am totally in awe of the program. As a former TMG user, this is the only program I’ve found that can match the features of TMG. Gedcom transferred all my data without a problem. I’ve tried Legacy and RootsMagic but Heredis out-performs both. I haven’t begun to explore all the features of Heredis but don’t think I’ll be disappointed.


Hello Dick,
I have been a FTM user for at least 16 yrs and am currently using FTMM3 since 2012 when I purchased my Mac. I also have been an subscriber for the 16 yrs. However, I have never used the sync feature it offers and don’t intend to, only using it to research and download Canadian records. In view of the recent changes from Ancestry and FTM I’m in search of a new program that will easily convert all my hard work with the least problems and no loss of the very important “extensive” data collection I have. After watching the Heredis video it seems that this program will have the least amount of transfer “problems”.
My question is, will I be able to continue to add new records I may find in Ancestry as I do now, either in a direct transfer or save feature or a copy/paste function? (very important)
Also, what sort of reports are available and will the reports, media, books etc be transferred correctly? This did not happen when I transferred from my PC FTM to FTMM3. Some reports were lost.
Looking forward to you advice and thank you.


    —> My question is, will I be able to continue to add new records I may find in Ancestry as I do now, either in a direct transfer or save feature or a copy/paste function? (very important)

    Yes… sort of. Since you are not using the automatic sync in Family Tree Maker, you probably won’t miss the sync functionality when you switch to another program. I assume you are presently entering all new information twice; once into Family Tree Maker and once into If that assumption is correct, you can continue to do the same.

    —> what sort of reports are available

    See all the details at what sort of reports are available

    —> and will the reports, media, books etc be transferred correctly?

    Probably not. That’s going to be true any time you switch to a different genealogy program. In most cases, you will have to generate new reports in the new program. Different programs will always have different reports. Often the reports will be similar, but will never be identical. You will have to regenerate reports in whatever program you switch to.


    Will it transfer the photos and copies (photos) of vital records that from media that I have attached to each person? In other words will they follow the individual as they are moved.
    I understand it won’t transfer them to the reports as long as I can insert them manually. Disappointing but can be —


Do I order the complete version or the upgrade. They are both on the same page.


I have just downloaded Heredis on my Windows 10 laptop. I will wait and see how we go as I have just had to uninstall the Rootsmagic 7 trial as it kept freezing. I still use FTM with my Windows 7 pc which I have to keep so that I can run my extensive stock of parish register and other family history dvds/cds. Keeping up with the technology is expensive but at least Heredis was reasonably priced due to this offer.


Corinne Anderson May 21, 2016 at 2:59 pm

Not able to change French version to English when trying to view the Android use coming out soon . Corinne


In response
” I assume you are presently entering all new information twice; once into Family Tree Maker and once into ”

No I don’t enter everything twice for the following reason:

In hopes of receiving responses concerning my maternal grandmothers birth records I manually entered her line into Ancestry. No luck.
The only response I received was — someone had attached her to their tree (including her photo !!) even though all their information was completely different from my information, spouse, parents, children, wrong death and town, etc. I have documents, first communion & confirmation, wedding cert, death cert, & photos, cemetery monument (right in the neighboring town) census, etc, etc verifying my information. (This didn’t seem to stop them)
I immediately contacted them to point out the error and hopefully have them correct the situation in hopes of possibly send them on the right path. Therefore, following that incident, I decided to never used the sync feature in fear that this would happen again.
Researchers really need to verify ALL the information before attaching any records to their tree. It’s been said before but It can’t be said enough! Verify, Verify and Verify again.
As you see I’m still very upset by this incident. Is my grandmother floating around out there in someone else’s family?
For this reason my tree is not on Ancestry via sync or in any other way.
Thank you again Dick for your help and for your informative articles.


I seem to be having compatibility issues with Heredis. Any advice for the correct installation? Thanks. RAS


    What sort of “compatibility problems” are you having?


    First I couldn’t get it to install b/c it was identified as ‘suspicious’, I suspended my firewall for 10 minutes to allow it to download and install, then I had problems with almost every other event of reaching other sites. I’.m about as far from being a “geek” as you can get but I’ve never had these issues before. I have used Roots Magic since version 4. Thank you for any advice you have. Roberta


    I must admit I did not see or experience any of that when I downloaded and installed Heredis. I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps another Heredis user can jump in here and offer suggestions.


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