Findmypast Challenges Family Historians to Find the Ancestors They’ve Never Met in their Tree Challenge

The following announcement was written by the folks at Findmypast:

  • From 23rd May until 30th May 2016, all 1.8 billion records hinted against in Findmypast trees will be completely free
  • This includes over 116 million United States Marriages, over 10 million Irish Catholic parish registers, and 570 million UK BMDs, the largest collection available online including over 78 million exclusive parish records you won’t find anywhere else
  • Findmypast challenges you to find at least one new ancestor through an FMP family tree
  • Family historians will be supported with expert insights, help videos, how to guides and a dedicated “tree building” webinar at 11am EDT on Wednesday 25th May.

Salt Lake City: 20th May 2016.

Is your family history leaving you stumped? Findmypast is here to help with their “Tree Challenge”, a seven day event to encourage people to branch out and discover ancestors they’ve never met. From 04:00 EDT, 23rd May until 17:59 EDT, 30th May 2016, all hints on Findmypast Family trees and the 1.8 billion records they cover will be completely free to view and explore.

Findmypast is challenging family historians around the world to discover at least one new ancestor by building their family tree on the site, or uploading an existing GedCom file. Researchers will be provided with daily getting started guides, expert insights, useful how to videos and a special webinar hosted by expert genealogist, Debra Chatfield, dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Findmypast family tree.

#TreeChallenge week will have something for everyone, from seasoned experts to complete beginners. Keeping a tree on Findmypast is the first step towards exploring our archive of more than 8 billion records from around the world, more than 1 billion of which aren’t available anywhere else online. That’s over 1 billion family connections you won’t find anywhere else, so explore our collections today to ensure you don’t miss out.

Findmypast trees currently provide matches from birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial and census records across the UK, US, Ireland, and Australia. This includes Findmypast’s vast collections of more than 116 million United States marriages and over 10 million Irish Catholic baptisms, marriages and burials. Findmypast’s entire collection of 570 million UK BMDs – the largest available online – will also be free for the duration of #TreeChallenge, including over 78 million exclusive parish records you won’t find anywhere else. All UK and Irish parish records are hinted against.

Uploading a tree to Findmypast is quick, easy and secure. We will never share your tree or data with anyone else. As you add information, Findmypast does all the hard work for you by sifting through millions of records to instantly identify potential matches. Once potential matches have been made, you can quickly and easily review possible leads before adding the relevant information to your tree.

To encourage you to make the most of this feature, we are running a special tree themed competition. Share any discoveries you make on your tree via social media with the hashtag – #TreeChallenge and you could be in with the chance of winning an expert bundle worth $1000. This includes a 64 GB Ipad mini4, a three TB hard drive and a 12 month subscription to Family Tree magazine. We will also be giving away a 12 month world sub on our social media channels daily. You can find out more here.

Hinting allows you uncover records for multiple ancestors at once with virtually zero effort. The larger your tree, the more potential matches you’ll be presented with so it’s well worth your while to add as many ancestors as possible.

As we release new records, our hinting system will continue to grow, providing you with even more opportunities to find unknown ancestors.


Thanks for a great opportunity to expand your family tree..


You’re welcome for all the family tree information you’re receiving free. Your database will expand quickly. Will you then, after May 30th, require us to pay you a fee to look at the info in your database? Seems like deja vu to me, with memories of, and However they also provide me with my DNA information from the samples I’ve submitted. Then I forked over more money to buy the Family Tree Maker app, which at least allowed me to combine my maternal tree with my paternal info, leaving me with one large tree for everybody.

My point? Yes there is one. This has become a very big market of information that we provide free for this app and others as well. I’m becoming suspicious and I’m getting sick of passing my family history information over to companies so I expect when I’ve gleaned what I can from your dbase, I’ll be deleting my tree.



    You might want to read Findmypast’s Privacy Policy at where it clearly states the company “We will only disclose your information to somebody outside our group companies (or who is processing your information on our behalf under contract) if we are required to by law.”


    This Field has gotten: Overcrowded, Overpriced, & Overwhelming, I do not blame those that want to delete their Tree(s) on any given Program. I myself was going to stick it out until I created a GEDCOM File when Family Tree Maker was given up by Ancestry,(I LOVED THE PROGRAM) “Only” to discover afterward’s that most of my Family Tree Information on Ancestry went Haywire! (SHRUG) I will not be Starting from Scratch to re-enter the Information that had gone off god knows where to correct the mistakes, and am sorry to any one Family Member that may want to add to their Collateral Lines. I have been researching since 1988 to Present and have devoted myself to it like nothing I had ever done before, Once I have the Family History down in my own Book I as well will be Deleting my Tree from numerous Sites. I had at one point thought of becoming Certified, I have since Discovered that (while not a bad thing!) since that time (a few 10 yrs ago or more) there have been Numerous People entering this Field with Qualifications that Exceed any Tenured Professorship! that is when I decided I would surely be lost in the throng here. I am more than Happy to see this Field Entice such Experience and can only hope it continues to draw those with an Interest in the Field of Genealogy. [😊]



Find my past doesn’t meet the challenge, and I found their records to be substandard. They don’t even have the Barbour Collection of CT VR’s. Since ALL of my family in in CT by early 1700’s – those not immigrating directly to CT came from MA – next to useless. THEN it wanted me to create an account to look at any actual records! No, I don’t want an account, or to give you my name, etc. That is not free. So, as to the challenge, once again they failed since they most certainly were unable to give me a birth date or parents for my great-great grandfather – they couldn’t give me his 2 marriages, which are noted in Barbour, nor his death.


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