Nearly 17 Million Indiana Genealogy Records have been Digitized

Nearly 17 million Indiana genealogy records have been digitized through a partnership between state officials and The records scanned mostly from microfilm rolls cover birth and death certificates dating back to the early 1900s and marriage records from 1958 through 2005.

Details may be found in an Associated Press article at


Link doesn’t work for me.


    The link worked a couple of days ago but now returns an error of “A Database Error Occurred” That is a typical error message from a web server problem or a database problem. I suspect it is a temporary problem. It should start working again when some support technician fixes the problem.


Is there a timeframe when these records are available? Also, a link to get to them for searching? Thanks.


    Quickest way right now just to search those record sets-Go to Ancestry and look at the choices along the top. One should be New Collections. There are three collections of Indiana records (Births, Death, Marriages) on the list. All three sets contain millions of records and they are available to search now.


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