Baby Boomers Recognition Day

If you are a baby boomer, August 17 is your day! Baby Boomers Recognition Day is being celebrated on August 17, 2016. It is a time of merriment, revelry and appreciation for the many contributions made by Boomers to our society.

Baby Boomers Recognition Day

According to the Baby Boomers Recognition Day web site at

Do you remember those younger days when we danced, enjoyed life, and rocked the world? Everyone paid attention to us and what we were doing. Celebrating that fun-loving side of ourselves is what happens on the days leading up to August 17, 2016.

The Boomers Recognition Day Coalition is a voluntary network of Boomer sites, blogs and active individuals who are working together to promote this day of celebration and enjoyment of life by Boomers everywhere.

Any active Boomer can become a member by sending an email to us at this address showing your city and state (or country if outside the USA).

Those members who are willing to help out can also take on additional responsibilities to help communicate what is going on or organize additional activities. Just let us know you’d like to get in on more of the fun.

Enjoy this day. Enjoy being a Boomer.

The time to start planning is NOW.

Concerts by major rock artists and bands have been arranged for the weekend leading up to Baby Boomers Recognition Day. There are twenty of them, and they are playing in so many places that there may be one near you. Check it out — this is a great way to enjoy an evening with lots of Boomers who know how to have a good time!

  • Brian Wilson (June 19) San Diego, California
  • Brit Floyd—Pink Floyd Tribute (June 21) Saratoga, California
  • Bryan Adams (June 20) Gilford, New Hampshire
  • Chicago (June 20) Woodinville, Washington
  • David Crosby (June 19) Morristown, New Jersey
  • Doobie Brothers (June 20) Troutdale, Oregon
  • Elton John (June 20) Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Fleetwood Mac (June 20) Dublin, Ireland
  • Gordon Lightfoot (June 20) Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Gregg Allman (June 20) Laughlin, Nevada
  • Jimmy Buffett (June 20) Bristow, Virginia
  • John Mellencamp (June 20) Augusta, Georgia
  • Journey (June 20) Los Angeles, California
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd (June 19) Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Paul McCartney (June 21) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Peter Frampton (June 20) Welch, Minnesota
  • Rolling Stones (June 20) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Sammy Hagar (June 20) Huber Heights, Ohio
  • Steve Miller Band (June 21) Hyannis, Massachusetts
  • Whitesnake (June 20) Houston, Texas

You can


Whitesnake and Sammy Hagar are more “Gen X” music than boomer music.


I am thankful that you caused me to look up “baby boomer’ in Wikipedia and find that the the “boundaries” of being a baby-boomer are somewhat flexible – driven by both cultural and demographic criteria. I have been bothered that my whole life that I (b 1944) was not considered to be a “bb” (born 1946-1962 – that definition not being cleared up for those born 1946). Yes, me, who grew up with others, who seemingly didn’t qualify as a “bb”, such as the icons I grew up with, like Elvis b 1935, John Lennon and Ringo, b 1940, McCartney b 1942, George Harrison, b 1940, or Bob Dylan b 1941. Or those of us who were old enough to be drafted during the Vietnam War. I notice that this web page does not insist on a definitive definition of who may join or participate in their activities. Yeah!!


Originally dubbed the Post War Baby Boom (WWII) I was born in May of 1946 the first month. We were the PWBB. I was gifted in May of 1986 with the Time Magazine cover wishing the “Baby Boomers” a Happy 40th Birthday! I sill have the copy. But…the government decided that the date should officiall go back to January 1st, 1946 to qualify everyone born in 1946. Then it evolved into the Post War Baby Boom, Baby Boom, accounting for the big increase in births by the PWBB as parents. Now it encompanses all of those born between Jan 1946 and Dec 31, 1962. Funny because my first child born when I was 20 was born in 1966. Today we, the first of the PWBBers turned 70 last month, as did I. My parents met in France at a Army hospital and married in Belgium. I was made in France, a souvenior of Paris. I tell everyone I am the First Post War Baby Boom Baby on record. Could not have happened earlier than May 15, 1946, my birthday. Regina Bruner Markowicz born in Detroit, Michigan one month after mother was discharged from the Army Nurse Corps having served in an Army Mash unit in LaMans, France. Now that is the rest of the story.


9 months after VJ Day is May 5. I claim at least co-first status.


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