Eneclann is Now Called the Irish Family History Centre

The Irish genealogy service always known as Eneclann is changing it’s name. It is being re-branded to the Irish Family History Centre. The company’s physical visitor centre is part of EPIC Ireland.

In an email message to me, Laura Carroll wrote, “…for those coming over to Ireland to research their Irish roots or for those who wont get a chance to come over to sign up to our new online experience, feel free to join yourself and give it a go.”

Then following is the official announcement from the Irish Family History Centre:


The Irish Family History Centre


We now have a new website for you to enjoy

Our new website has been created to give our existing and new customer the chance to be part of a vibrant genealogy community where they can store research, ask for expert advice, chat to other members of the community and so much more,

This brand new website is the go to place for Irish Genealogy online, it will allow you to sign up to a whole new customer experience and one which we hope will help you with your own journey.

You can join for free or why not become a pro member and unlock the following:

  • Unlimited Access to our Research Library
  • Unlimited Access to Expert Webinars
  • Unlimited Access to our Podcasts
  • Community access to share your findings
  • Store & Share your research
  • Ask The Experts Questions to get past your brick walls
  • Free Review with an Expert when you sign up for a year.

You will also see as you explore the website all our research tip’s along with some inspiring stories we have worked on throughout the years, you can get to know the team and who we are along with who our experts here at the Irish Family History Centre.

The Irish Family History Centre

Visitor Experience

The Irish Family History Centre want to give you a hands on experience as well as an online one. We are located in the CHQ building and are part of the EPIC Ireland experience.


The Irish Family History Centre Visitor experience introduces an exciting way for visitors to search for their Irish Ancestors and discover their own unique family story while exploring Irish heritage along the way.

EPIC Ireland showcases the unique global journey of the Irish people and The Irish Family History Centre are part of that journey

The centre will allow visitors to:

  • Sit with a genealogy expert for a 15-minute consultation.
  • Use interactive display screens to engage and uncover more about your Irish roots.
  • Discover more about Ireland’s emigration and migration.
  • Play our fun quiz to test your knowledge on Ireland.
  • Take a seat at one of our workstations where you can sign up to the Irish Family History Centre website and join our online community.

You will also be able to access records on FindMyPast’s website where you will be able to search through the largest number of Irish family history records such as:

  • Birth/Marriage and Death records
  • Census records
  • Parish Records
  • Travel and migration records

All visitors to the Irish Family History Centre will receive a complimentary pack when they leave, which will include:

  • Information relating to different websites and places that will help you with your research around Dublin
  • 1 month’s FREE world subscription to Findmypast
  • 1 month’s FREE subscription to irishfamilyhistorycentre.ie
  • And much more

You can also enjoy shopping in the retail area where you will find:

  • Books on surnames and other genealogy related topics
  • Family Tree DNA Kits
  • A Selection of souvenirs for you to treasure

Knowing who you are and where you come from is something we feel everyone should get excited about. We want you to unearth your Irish roots in the most memorable way you can. After visiting The Irish Family History Centre, we hope you will have learnt something new about your Irish Ancestors and did so in a new and engaging way.

Open 7 days a week from 9am-7pm

To purchase a ticket to the Irish Family History Centre head over to the Epic Ireland website.

Single Ticket – Price: €9.50 (Includes entrance into the Irish Family History Centre)
Combo Ticket – Price: €24.00 (Includes the full Epic Ireland experience and entrance into the Irish Family History Centre)









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