King Henry I May Be Buried Under a Parking Lot

King Richard III’s body was discovered buried under a parking lot. The same fate may await the bones of King Henry I. Technicians are using ground-penetrating radar at the site of a former abbey in Reading, England, as part of a survey they hope will reveal the burial place of King Henry I.

Henry-IHenry I, a son of William the Conqueror, ruled from 1100 to 1135. He reportedly died after eating lampreys, a kind of jawless fish. He ascended to the throne after the death of his elder brother William II. Henry has been described as a usurper because he seized the crown while another elder brother was away on a Crusade.

Records written at the time of Henry I’s death say that his body was buried in front of the the high altar of Reading Abbey. The abbey was founded by King Henry I himself. The abbey is now in ruins and much of its former grounds are now the site of a car park and a nursery school.

You can read more in an article by Dan Bilefsky in the New York Times at

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Thanks for that item Dick. I was watching a nature programme on TV the other night and there was footage of lampreys and their life cycle. The phrase ‘a surfeit of lampreys’ came into my mind from somewhere – now I know where from!


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