MapMe – A FREE Service for Adding Maps to your Web Site

MapMe is an easy way to create an interactive map with multiple categories. You can use it to show the location(s) of your ancestors’ homesteads or perhaps to show the migration paths of several generations of ancestors. MapMe is available free of charge. No coding required. No Photoshop required. Just create the map, add your locations and embed it on your web site or send it in an email message. It also has more powerful features like events, job vacancies and newsletters.

I especially like the ability to easily insert a map created with MapMe into a WordPress blog, such as this newsletter. For instance, here is a map from the MapMe web site showing what a can be accomplished with the service:


This is a map of the Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America. A larger version of the same map can be seen by clicking on the above image.

You can customize your very own map with the Map Creation Wizard. You can easily add content to your map, crowdsource or import an Excel spreadsheet that contains the locations you wish to add you your map. Finally, you can eEmbed your map on your Website. I did not find any easy method of printing a map although there are several methods of screen capturing a displayed map and then printing that screen capture.

Mapme is designed to work perfectly across smartphones, tablets and computers.

Mapme is used by thousands or organizations across the globe to build maps.

If you already have a WordPress blog, you will be interested in the Mapme WordPress plugin. Information may be found at

MapMe strikes me as a simple and yet effective method of adding maps to your genealogy web site. You can learn more or even try it for yourself at no charge at

My thanks to newsletter reader Everett “Stony” Stonebraker for telling me about MapMe.

One Comment

For those who may wish to use this product anonymously (unpublished), do you know if searchable ‘crumbs’ (like whole pages where a map is embedded) might be picked up by their sitemap? Thanks!


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