Changes to Evernote’s Pricing Plans

evernote-logoI have written several times about the use of Evernote in genealogy research. Indeed, it is one of my favorite programs. I use Evernote more often than I use a genealogy program although I have to also add that I use Evernote for all sorts of things, not just for genealogy purposes. (See for a list of my past articles about Evernote.)

One entry in the Evernote Blog caught my eye today: Changes to Evernote’s Pricing Plans. A quick read resulted in a sigh of relief. Evernote Basic, which I believe is the version used by most genealogists, remains unchanged at free of charge. Whew! However, not everything is the same. The free Basic plan now limits you to two devices per account, like a computer and a phone, two computers, or a phone and a tablet. You’re also still limited to just 60 megabytes of uploads a month.

Evernote Plus adds the ability to take notebooks offline on a mobile device, so your notes will be with you wherever you go, even when there’s no Internet connection. You can forward emails into Evernote and keep them alongside related notes, complete with attachments, and 1 gigabyte of upload space each month means you can keep all your projects together. Evernote Plus will now cost $3.99/month ( up from $2.99/month ) or $34.99/year. (That is a 27% discount for anyone who pays for a year in advance.)

Evernote Premium adds everything in Evernote Plus as well as finding text buried inside Office docs. It will also annotate PDF files, automatically discover connections between notes, and turn business cards into phone contacts. Premium includes 10 gigabytes of monthly upload space, which I suspect is much more than what most individuals will ever need. I suspect Evernote Premium appeals primarily to business users.

Evernote Premium is now $7.99/month (up from $5.99/month) or $69.99/year. (That is a 27% discount for anyone who pays for a year in advance.)

In addition, all customers have access to complimentary support through the Evernote Community at while Evernote Plus subscribers can access enhanced support through email, and Evernote Premium and Business subscribers can access all of the above, plus live chat support.

You can read more in the Evernote Blog at as well as in the Evernote FAQs (Frequently-Asked-Questions) at

By the way, I used Evernote Basic for a couple of years but eventually upgraded to Evernote Plus. I now use Evernote Plus’ offline capabilities quite often and almost daily use the ability to forward emails into Evernote, both of which are available only in Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium. However, if you are not yet using Evernote, I suggest you start with the FREE Evernote Basic version. I suspect most genealogists will never need to upgrade to a paid version.


Elizabeth Handler June 28, 2016 at 9:08 pm

One other change: Evernote Basic accounts will be limited to two devices, such as a computer and phone, two computers, or a phone and a tablet.


You can always try switching to OneNote. Have a look at this as it shows a tool to convert from Evernote to OneNote:


Commonly use iPad, iPhone, laptop & base computer (two others may also be in play). Basic will no longer cut it. Plus (as described above) doesn’t indicate how many stations will be allowed. Considering my options, maybe away from this.


I love Evernote Plus. Worth the $3-$4 a month. Love the off-line usage, that’s why I went for it.


Windows 10 includes a similar program, One Note, that syncs with Microsoft’s One Drive for cloud storage/access. I’m not familiar enough with Evernote to compare the particulars of both programs and it may very well be that Evernote’s premium (paid) version is superior, but Windows 10 users who want a free, full-featured program might want to test drive One Note, a program they already have.


To clarify, I found out that Evernote doesn’t count accessing it on the web as a “device”. So you may have it on your phone and tablet, but you can also access it on a computer through the internet; you just can’t download it onto your computer as well.


Colleen McCloskey June 29, 2016 at 10:09 am

I don’t use Evernote as much as you do, Dick, and have OneNote at work and at home.
I use a PC at work, a laptop, a desktop at home and a tablet. Could add a smart phone at some point.
This exceeds EverNote Basic’s terms. so I’ll be leaving EverNote and using OneNote.

The EverNote company has shot themselves in the foot. No one uses just two devices any more. This just forced us to make a choice. And they lost.


    I’m a Luddite – one who uses only a laptop – and very happy that way. I don’t even have a mobile phone let alone a smart phone. I am retired and thus don’t have to worry about work but I spend a LOT of time on my laptop, mostly for genealogy.


I guess a lot depends on how you think and organize your information. I found OneNote to be cumbersome, intrusive, and not at all the way I think. And considering it is made by Microsoft – maybe that’s a good thing. I’ll stick with EverNote which I use daily. I will however consider the upgrade.


Lesley K. Cafarelli July 3, 2016 at 2:33 pm

Like Marci, I tried out both OneNote and EverNote and chose the latter because it’s a better fit for me. I use it daily on multiple devices. I currently have the Premium plan mainly for the upload capacity but am going to look into downgrading to Plus, which might well be sufficient for me. My tags usually replace any need for searching within notes.


Lesley K. Cafarelli July 3, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Just checked the Evernote Blog and checked my list of devices. Glad I did: I replaced my PC and the old one was still listed, and Evernote is no longer compatible with an older Nook table I have, but it was still listed. I wish I could see a history of my usage and not just the last month, but I’ll definitely downgrade from Premium to Plus and will not only avoid the increase but actually save $5 over my current Premium fee. I see that Evernote will be contacting current subscribers about a transition period, so I’ll wait to hear about that first and may upload more of the record images on my PC to Evernote as an extra backup while I have a lot of unused upload space. (I already use Backblaze and an external drive along with other cloud storage for backups.) Anyone thinking of jumping ship from Evernote to OneNote because you have the Premium subscription now should look closely at your usage first; Plus might well be sufficient.


I am in hospital currently and almost missed this. I have the top package which costs £35 a year & I am pretty unimpressed that might go up to nearly £50.

Companies be one greedy & shoot themselves in the foot. Shame on them, everyone wants to make a profit, but they would make more if it was a cheaper product.



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