Note-taking Alternatives now that Evernote is More Expensive

This is a follow-up article to my earlier article of Changes to Evernote’s Pricing Plans at Several people at the AndroidCental web site have listed their favorite note-taking programs that are competitors to Evernote. If you are thinking of switching from Evernote to something else, look at

I looked at the list and have tried every one of the suggested apps. I decided I will stay with Evernote. However, you might reach a different conclusion.


Why spend any money at all? After El Capitan was released last year, I discovered a new, neat trick. On one part of my screen, I open Apple Notes and create a new document. On the other part of the screen, I flip Safari (or other browsers) into Reader View and do a Select All. I drag the selected item into the Notes window. The first line, which is nearly always the document title, becomes the name of the Notes note. After reading, at leisure, on any device (since Notes syncs immediately), I drag to a folder within Notes or delete the note.

Pro’s: I’m organized the same way as the rest of my Mac files. All photos, diagrams, etc. come over just fine. Single column of file information.
Con: Only one I have found is that Notes apparently doesn’t recognize a second HTML paragraph return, so there is no space between paragraphs. Thus, if one wants it to “look good,” one needs to go through the new Notes document and add Returns.

With the advent of Evernote’s new way of doing business, I am going through my Evernote notes to either delete or move to Notes. On completion, I will terminate my Evernote account.


I use Evernote primarily to keep web pages in place of the old Bookmarks or Favorites, which I hardly use anymore. I use the free version. Since I only have a desktop and a phone, I don’t think I’ll be affected by the new change. I use Keep for my shopping list and to keep “post-it” type notes to myself. It’s real handy. I still use my computer hard drive with folders to store most my genealogy research stuff (primarily jpg, pdf or text files). I have over 200 New England immigrant ancestors / lines. I have a folder for each with the surname of the line. They all lineup alphabetical in Windows File Manager (used to be Windows Explorer before Win10). I keep them on a folder within the Google Drive on my hard disk, so they are continuously backed up by Carbonite, Google Drive, and Win10 Backup.


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