Heredis Genealogy Software is on Sale until July 10

Heredis is one of my favorite genealogy programs. You can find my past articles about Heredis by starting at: If you are thinking about switching to a different genealogy program, you might consider Heredis to see if it meets your needs. You can read more about the program at


The folks who produce Heredis are offering a big discount for a few days. The “Flash Sale” is for both the Windows and Macintosh versions of this excellent genealogy software. The offer ends on Sunday, July 10, 2016. I am not sure which time zone is involved in the offer so I would suggest not waiting until Sunday evening to order it.

Heredis 2015 for Windows is now available for US only $14.99 (instead of the normal price of US $29.99) or the upgrade version for anyone using an earlier version of Heredis for Windows is now US $9.99 (instead of the regular price of US $19.99). See for details.

Heredis 2015 for Macintosh is on sale for US $24.99 (instead of the normal price of US $49.99). Details may be found at

Again, these prices end on Sunday, July 10, 2016.

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated in any way for publishing this article. I simply like the program.

You can learn more in the YouTube video below that is also available at


Heredis 2015 sounds great. I noticed that the screenshots show FamilySearch. What is the relationship between Heredis and FamilySearch? Where does My Heritage fit in if at all since they have a relationship with FamilySearch if I recall correctly? Also, since I have the beginning of a tree on FamilySearch will Heredis be a stand-alone software or somehow be integrated with my tree on FamilySearch?
Thanks for all the great information you provide all the time!


    I am confused by your message. I just looked at the article (shown above) again. I see only one screen shot and it is of the Heredis software running in a desktop computer. There is nothing in the screenshot about FamilySearch.

    At the end of the article there is a YouTube video, again about Heredis. It also has nothing to do with FamilySearch.

    Where did you find the FamilySearch screenshots?


Well, when I watched the video, there were numerous videos of Heredis incorporating FamilySearch records.


    Heredis will search several different online archives, including FamilySearch. Quoting from (scroll way down the page to find this quote):

    “The new online archive tool helps you retrieve documents online without leaving your software. Everything is within reach directly into your software: departmental and municipal archives, military records and libraries, in all around the world.

    “The new online archive tool also allows you to capture acts with one click. You save them to your software. Associate them with events and bring your sources up-to-date with already pre-filled information entered by this tool. It is surprisingly simple!”

    And even further down the same page:

    “The Search Wizard proposes various online research tools targeted to sites such as Heredis Online, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Family Search… “


I have a very old version of Family Tree Maker. Is Heredis superior to FTM? And, if I buy Heredis, will it transfer all my data to the new program?


    —> Is Heredis superior to FTM?

    I suspect if you ask 10 genealogists who have used both programs, five will say “Yes” and the other five will say “No.” In my opinion, both are powerful genealogy programs with many, many features.

    —> And, if I buy Heredis, will it transfer all my data to the new program?

    Anytime you transfer genealogy data from one modern genealogy program to another modern genealogy program, MOST data will transfer. There may be exceptions, depending upon which two programs are being used. For details, see my GEDCOM Explained article at


    Thank you!


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