Photographs of Men Who Fought in the Revolutionary War

LemuelCookYes, you read that right. Photographs of Americans who fought in the Revolution are exceptionally rare because few of the Patriots of 1775-1783 lived until the dawn of practical photography in the early 1840s.

Utah-based journalist Joe Baumam spent three decades researching and compiling the images. These early photographs – known as daguerreotypes – are exceptionally rare camera-original, fully-identified photographs of veterans of the War for Independence – the war that established the United States.

You can see the photographs in an article in The Daily Mail at

If one of them happens to be your ancestor, right-click on the image to save a family heirloom!


Dick – thanks for the link. Samuel Downing may be a collateral relation; I have many Downings from New Hampshire.


Also two books by Maureen Taylor, The Last Muster: Images of the Revolutionary War Generation and The Last Muster, Volume 2: Faces of the American Revolution.


My photographed patriot was not on this list. His photo and story are available in my book.


Lemuel Cook was my third cousin six-times removed. Quite distant. I was surprised and pleased to see a picture of him.

Lemuel COOK was born on 10 Sep 1759 in Northbury, (Plymouth) Conn.. He died on 20 May 1866 in Clarendon, Orleans Co. New York. He married Hannah Esther CURTIS on 26 Apr 1783 in Cheshire, Conn..

Lemuel was the Oldest and last living survivor of the American Revolution and the last full pensioner of that war. He enlisted at age 16 and was wounded several times.


Thanks, Adam Link is my 5th generation great grandfather.


When I saw the Rev. Daniel Waldo in the pictures, I knew he had to be related, but hadn’t had time to do the digging to prove it til today. As I looked for the primary evidence, I was excited to find that he is indeed my 1st cousin……7x removed!
Even though this relationship is not a direct great grandparent, it’s still exciting to find such a precious and rare thing as a photo of a long ago relative!
Thank you for writing about this resource, thus giving me a glimpse into my past!
Suzie C.


It appears some of those photos are in this book as well:
The Revolution’s Last Men: The Soldiers Behind the Photographs Hardcover – April 6, 2015
by Don N. Hagist


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