Pokemon Go Causes Problems in Cemeteries

Pokemon-GoPokemon Go is the hottest new thing to appear in computer games. You can read about it in a Wikipedia article at https://goo.gl/d1lxzj. The new game is a huge success but, like all other huge successes, does have a few drawbacks. (See Pokémon Go: armed robbers use mobile game to lure players into trap at https://goo.gl/XMtLIl for one very dangerous example.)

Now Pokemon Go is causing problems in cemeteries, as described by Lisa Thorne in a posting to Facebook at: https://goo.gl/9dTCCU.

My thanks to newsletter reader Scott Tilden for telling me about Lisa Thorne’s new article.


Who could have ever foreseen this kind of problem? Goodness.


This Pokemon disaster is being approached from the wrong angle – who cares if someone gets a broken leg while in the act of trespassing!!! How about desecration of deceased resting place and their families!!!
Put a bunch of them in jail and a heavy fine and let them cool their heels thinking about what they were doing.
Parents might do well to teach their children about cemetery etiquette or learn how to behave, themselves.


I never heard of this game until yesterday. I am all for something that gets people out and moving, but do see the pitfalls in a cemetery for people not paying attention to where they are walking!


It is another case of not being responsible for your own actions, but always blaming someone else if an accident happens.


Really? Now I’ve heard everything.

I’ve read through all of the comments here and on the original facebook page. Nothing has happened at this or any other cemetery that has been reported.

The response that this cemetery should “lawyer up” is ridiculous and the suggestions about littering are unjustified. If you’ve ever seen a kid – or adult (yes, adults play this game too) on the hunt for these Pokemon “creatures”, you’d know that they are playing the game and have no time for gum wrappers, holding drinks, etc. They would have less chance of littering than an adult searching for a headstone or indexing the cemetery – things that take hours to do, by the way, and increase the chance of littering.

So before we are quick to condemn this “active” game, let’s pause and think of the positives – not the negatives; or we are all in danger of becoming that old man/woman on the block who shakes their fists at the children and shouts, “Stay off of my lawn!”

Just my 2 cents worth 🙂


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