You Will Soon Be Able to Run Windows Programs on a Chromebook

I have written a number of times about Chromebooks, the low-cost laptop computers that boot up quickly, are simple to use, never get viruses, and perform the computer tasks that many computer owners want. (Go to to find my earlier Chromebook articles.) These $150 to $300 laptop computers have become very popular. Now they may become even more popular than ever.

The developers of CrossOver, a utility that allows users to run Windows programs on Linux, have been working on an Android app that does the same thing, bringing Windows apps to the Android OS. Doing so allows Windows programs to run on Google’s new Android interface for Chromebooks. The official app hasn’t been released yet. However, the company has recently posted a video showing the Steam game client and Windows game Limbo running on an Acer Chromebook R11.

The software being developed only supports x86 processors, ruling out Chromebooks built on ARM architecture. Most Chromebooks are built with Intel processors, so as the rollout of the Play Store hits more laptops, the use for the software will continue to increase. It should be noted that not all Windows apps will play using the software, but this is something the developers hope to change in the future.

You can check out the software demo in the video below as well as on the CrossOver web site at


On the Mac I gave up on Crossover because every year they seemed to be concentrating on games not serious Windows programs. So I have been using Parallels. Is Crossover devoting itself more to serious Windows programs now? If so, that would be good news. Or, on the other hand, is Parallels coming to ChromeBooks?


My daughter gave me a Chromebook almost a year ago to replace my failing ancient HP. I hate it. I’ve looked for the keyboard shortcuts I used to use and several of them don’t exist (like a simple delete key or Home and End). I have big files of family pictures and recipes, all categorized. The HP with Word alphabetized them for me. Chromebook keeps them in their categories, but splatters them in random order, so I have to look through the entire directory to find what I want. I can’t drag and drop items. Google Docs is too simplistic and I can’t organize the documents the way I want them. I just hate it when my computer thinks I’m too dumb to know my own mind and dumbs down what I want to do. I’m getting ready to install a new HP laptop so I can do what I want to with my files, but it appears I’ll have to email copies of my documents to myself and then use the HP to restore my organization. My daughter says there ought to be apps to install that will allow me to organize files the way I want.

Chromebook may be nice for note taking, but it isn’t useful if you only have one computer, so I’m replacing it.


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