Newly Available Online: Marriage Notices Appearing in Troy, New York, Newspapers 1797 – 1860

The Troy Irish Genealogy Society (TIGS) has added yet another online database. (This has to be one busy genealogy society!) The following was written by the Troy Irish Genealogy Society:

An index to 6,177 marriage notices covering 12,354 names that were published in five different Troy, New York newspapers from 1797 to 1860 was created by staff at the Troy Public Library in 1938 through 1939. The Troy Irish Genealogy Society was allowed by the Troy Library to scan this book so these important records could be made available on-line for genealogy researchers.

To see these records go to the TIGS website – – click on PROJECTS and then, under Marriage Records, click on MARRIAGE NOTICES APPEARING IN TROY NEWSPAPERS.The five different Troy newspapers mentioned in the introduction to the index were:

  • Troy Budget
  • Troy Gazette
  • Troy Sentinel
  • Troy Times (See Note)
  • Troy Whig

Note: There were no records for the Troy Times in the index but there were some records for the Troy Post.

Under “RESOURCES” on the TIGS website, you will also find an informative article, “Newspapering in Rensselaer County”, which identifies which of the above newspapers are available, on microfilm or hard copy, at the Troy Library.

These historical records are extremely important to genealogy researchers as all of the records predate New York’s 1880 law that required reporting of marriages. Outside of the marriage location itself, church, justice of the peace, etc., you will not find these records anywhere else.

Most entries show the name of the bride and groom, the residence (city, town, village) for both, date of marriage, names of newspapers that reported the marriage along with the newspaper date, page and column number where you will find the notice in the appropriate newspaper.

It is important to note that the residence for the bride and groom is not just Troy, but may cover all areas of New York State, other States and even foreign countries.

While 5,225 of the names showed no indication of residence, those records where the residence was reported are of interest as they show:

  • 68 individuals in 11 foreign countries.
  • 984 individuals in 31 other states in 370 DIFFERENT cities, towns and villages in those states.
  • 6,055 New York State individuals in 446 DIFFERENT cities, towns and villages throughout New York State.

The names of all these DIFFERENT cities, towns and villages along with the number of individuals from each of them, is also shown in this data base.

Hopefully you will find some of your ancestors in this new data base or in the almost 350,000 Irish AND Non-Irish names listed in the various transcription projects on the TIGS website.

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What a wonderful Site…I have bookmarked it. I have been doing a lot of research for the Ancestors lately in Rensselaer Co. and this site has added another source for me and it is easy to navigate. Thank you…Thank you


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