How British are YOU?

A recent DNA study reveals Yorkshire is the most Anglo-Saxon part of UK, while East Midlands is most Scandinavian. The people of Wales have the highest proportion of ancestry from Spain and Portugal. Anyone with at least a casual knowledge of ancient and medieval UK history probably will not be surprised by these findings.

The analysis of the genetic history of two million people worldwide by family history website Ancestry was based on data collated from the AncestryDNA home DNA test that examines a person’s entire genome via a simple saliva sample. Results reveal the genetic ethnic make-up of the ‘average’ person in the UK and what countries and regions they can trace their ancestry back to over the past 500 years.

You can read more in an article by Josh White in The Daily Mail at

My thanks to newsletter reader Ernie Thode for telling me about the article.


And my DNA performed by AncestryDNA home kit shows 86% British Isles…so I am more British than Brits.


I wonder; is the research based on the postal address of the subjects at the time of their tests or their actual place of birth? If the former, the results mean little.


As a Yorkshireman I was / am so proud of our Norse / Viking heritage. Only to find we are Anglo-Saxon …


It’s funny that they consider ‘Anglo-Saxon’ to be British, not German.


hmm what about south ireland?


After taking the DNA test from Ancestry I am 56% Irish. However after doing extensive research I have found about 98% UK and only about 2% on very distant relatives that were Irish. How can that be?
Lynda Farley


    Irish people have been migrating to England for centuries. One of my family names is distinctly Irish, but I haven’t been able to trace it any further than Northamptonshire in the mid-1850s. I suspect the family migrated from Ireland into England at some point before that. Maybe that’s what’s going on with your ancestry.


Very interesting!


Interesting – my AncestryDNA profile lists me as 40% Europe West, 36% Ireland (Yippie!), and 15% Great Britain with 3% European Jewish thrown in to add spice! Good mix there.


I haven’t done the DNA test yet, I haven’t found a good reason to (yet), as I have been able to trace part of my biological family tree back several generations through one of my 2nd cousins (purely by accident via Find A Grave), and she has several generations of information (and we are learning ever so much more now that FB exists) from the English; Irish; Norwegian; Spanish (Cherokee), and French nations. Although knowing so much about my family tree of recent years, and reading several comments, and a few of the non-subscribing newsletter information, I may just have to get that DNA test done! Thank you for sharing the difference of How British are You?.


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