British Airways and are Offering Sweepstakes Travel to London

Want to travel to do some genealogy research? If you have British ancestry, a new offer from British Airways and Ancestry may be just what you need.


British Airways and are teaming up to offer a sweepstakes to London. British Airways launched the advertising campaign about the joys and importance of air travel. To celebrate the way families are reconnected on a daily basis thanks to aviation, the airline has partnered with to give away a pair of business-class tickets, a year-long membership to the website, and four nights at the Sheraton Grand Luxury London Park Lane hotel, now showing the newest incarnation of the Sheraton brand. Sheraton is investing big bucks in hotels around the world, and this is one of the showpieces. Enter the contest between now and Aug. 26, along with two more opportunities in September.

UPDATE: Click here and scroll down the next page to find the entry form. It is well hidden otherwise.

Note: There are three separate entry periods August 4-August 26, August 27-September 11, and September 12-September 30 with one winner being selected for each entry period. All U.S. residents are eligible to enter once during each entry period. Official sweepstakes rules can be found here.


I just tried to register; but when I clicked on the link which supposedly would take me to the registration page, I got “page not available”. After 45 minutes on line with Ancestry, the agent’s supervisor finally admitted the link either didn’t exist or was broken and should be fixed in a day or two. I believe it was my call that alerted them to the fact there was no way to register! You might want to share with your readers to save them from a lot of frustration.


I, too, tried to register and was unable to find anywhere to do it. There was only an old photo sweepstakes.


Disappointing that it is only for the U.S. since British Airways serves Canada and many Canadians subscribe to ancestry.


I also tried to register, but when I clicked on the link which should take me to the registration page, I got a “page not available” message.


Only in the US you say, what a pity.


..British Airways also flies to several cities in CANADA, and Ancestry has many Canadian members. Why are they excluded ? ? ? . Most of British Airways flights to the US fly through Canadian airspace – do they not know that ? ? .


There are strict regulations covering sweepstakes in the US and I assume the same in Canada. Trying to run one sweepstakes under the laws of two different countries is probably not easy.


Still can’t get to the registration page to enter the sweepstakes??????


Got to the Blog page, but cannot find a spot to register.


I sure would love to enter, but I can’t register!


It is two days now since I got the feedback from Ancestry tech support that the link either didn’t exist or was broken. However, it still doesn’t work. I would expect better from Ancestry! Totally unsat.


Haven’t been able to enter. Is there a different link?


1.Click on rules can be “found here” at end of article.
2. Window opens “Ancestry Sisters Day Sweepstake Rules”. Scroll down, click on “blogs,” below entry dates.
3. Window opens w/blank page, click on heading “”.
4. Window opens w/blogs…scroll down (almost the end) to “Ancestry & Brit.Air.Unite Brit & Amer.sisters for 1st time”. Click on this blog heading.
5. New window, scroll down to below photo for entry form.
Why have they made this so difficult??


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