Statistics Canada Celebrates ‘Best Census Since 1666’

Some countries have had recent problems in obtaining filled out census forms from all the citizens. However, Canada obviously had no such problems. Response rate for newly restored long-form census was 97.8%, the best ever recorded.

This was the first year for the reinstated mandatory long-form census since the Conservative government cancelled it for the 2011 census, replacing it with a voluntary national household survey.

You can read more in a CBC News article at

My thanks to newsletter reader Yvonne Dolbec for telling me about the article.


So happy about the Canadian census! It was a major issue in the last Canadian election and the response tells you that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was right in re-instituting the long form census.


You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who were complaining about the aggressive and invasive behaviors of the census staff. People coming into their back yards, people coming back repeatedly saying you need to complete them or else!! Coming late in the evening.
Personally did mine same day online. Had 2 visits at my door after that telling me I had to get it done.
Not a good experience for me and I am a huge fan of the census and defended the need for doing it online in many, many forums.


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