ISFHWE Excellence-In-Writing Competition Winners Announced

The following announcement was written by the folks at the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors (ISFHWE):

The International Society of Family History Writers and Editors is proud to announce the winners of the Excellence-in-Writing Competition. All entries were exceptional this year. Submission details for 2017 will be announced soon. For any questions on the competition, email Tina Sansone at

Cat 1 – Columns
1st Place: Elaine Thomas – Stories I’ve Been Told – Otto l. Fuchs, Jr.
2nd Place: Martha E. Jones, PhD – Ancestral Avenues – Write Your Own Obituary
3rd Place: Barbara Starmans – General Paresis of the Insane
Honorable Mention:Carolyn Schott – Happy Birthday, Mom
Honorable Mention:Susan R. Anderson – Searching for roots to find my way home
Honorable Mention:James M. Beidler – Accomplishing Client’s Goal the Best Holiday Present

Cat 2 – Articles
1st Place: Barbara J. Starmans – ‘In every city, village & hamlet’
2nd Place: Barbara Ellman – Genealogy Myth-Busters
3rd Place: Beverly Thompson – A Most Amazing Find: Protecting the Purse
Honorable Mention:Paul Gorry – the Changing Face of Irish Genealogy
Honorable Mention:Mary Penner – Collaboration with Colleagues
Honorable Mention:Carolyn Schott – The Letter to the Governor

Cat 3 – Newsletters
1st Place: Michelle D. Novak – The Archivist (Genealogical Society of Bergen County, NJ)
2nd Place: Tony Burroughs – The Center for Black Genealogy News & Notes (CBG)
3rd Place: Patricia Mansfield Phelan – Newsletter of the Irish Family History Forum – Irish Family
Honorable Mention:Michael McKeag – (1) North Irish Roots & (2) Snippets
Honorable Mention:Stephanie Jobes – Lifeliner (Genealogical Society of Riverside)
Honorable Mention:James M. Beidler – Der Kurier

Cat 4 – Unpublished Authors
1st Place: Frieda Anna Stiehl – Aunt Frieda’s Story
2nd Place: Catherine Smith – Converging Lines

Cat 5 – Unpublished Material – Published Authors
1st Place: Ruth Randall – Joseph Workman: Pioneer
2nd Place: Wendy Wilson Spooner – English Colonists and their Quest for Structured Family Life in America
3rd Place: Emilee M. Marks – A Puzzling Puzzle
Honorable Mention:Susan R. Anderson – They Were Soldiers in the War of Independence
Honorable Mention:Elaine Thomas – Family Ties
Honorable Mention:Roccie Hill – A Snapshot of my Iowa Family History

Cat 6 – Poetry
1st Place: Wendy Wilson Spooner – My Father, My North Star
2nd Place: John Newmark – The Genetic and Synthetic

Submitted by Tina Sansone, Competition Coordinator

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Is it possible to access and read these interesting-sounding entries?


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