Findmypast Offers New 12-Month Starter Subscription for $34.95 in the US Market

An announcement made today at the FGS conference should appeal to anyone researching primarily US ancestry. Findmypast has bundled its core US collections, as well as a number of the company’s British offerings, into one package and is offering access to the records at a much lower price than before. In fact, the price is significantly lower than those of the company’s competitors.

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:

findmypast_logo• Low cost starter subscription offered for the first time

• 12 months’ access to over 2.9 billion UK & US records for less than $35 a year

• Over 830 million records available to search and explore for FREE

Springfield, Illinois: 02 September 2016

Leading family history website Findmypast has announced a new subscription package for U.S. customers. The new Starter Package will create a more competitive and accessible service while providing even better value to customers.

For only $34.95 a year budding family historians can begin their journey with access to over 2.9 billion records. This includes a variety of core US collections, as well as a taste of the sites British offerings including US birth, marriage and death records, US immigration and travel records, US newspapers and Findmypast’s entire collection of UK census records.

The package offers a unique price point in the family history market and is over 50% cheaper than similar subscriptions available on other family history websites.

This is the first time that Findmypast has offered a subscription aimed solely at beginners, giving new users the opportunity to get started with 2.9 billion US & World records and get to grips with online research at the lowest possible cost.

Findmypast is also home to a FREE collection of over 830 million records from around the world including the largest online collection of Irish Catholic parish registers, all US censuses between 1790 and 1940, and a whole host of US and Canadian records.

A premium package is also available at an annual price of $239.50. Aimed at the more expert user, this option provides access to best in British, Irish and US collections. The signature datasets include the largest online collection of UK parish records, over 187 million historic British Newspaper articles and over 23 million Irish newspaper articles. Also included is Findmypast’s landmark United States Marriages collection which, on completion, will cover 360 years of marriages from 1650 to 2010, contain at least 100 million records and more than 450 million names from 2,800 counties across America. A variety of other valuable UK and Irish resources are also included.

Findmypast aims to make subscription options simpler, offering consistently better value while maintaining a premium quality service. Customers will see a variety of new records published every week, constantly increasing the value of all Findmypast subscriptions.

Ben Bennett, Executive Vice-President North America and International for Findmypast said: “At Findmypast we believe everyone should have the opportunity to understand their place in history through their ancestors’ stories. By offering these new subscription packages, we are making family history more affordable and accessible, enabling more people to share magical moments of discovery.”

About Findmypast

Findmypast (previously DC Thomson Family History) is a British-owned world leader in online family history. It has an unrivalled record of online innovation in the field and 18 million registered users across its family of online brands, which includes Lives of the First World War, The British Newspaper Archive and Genes Reunited, amongst others.

Its lead brand, also called Findmypast, is a searchable online archive of over eight billion family history records, ranging from parish records and censuses to migration records, military collections, historical newspapers and lots more. For members around the world, the site is a crucial resource for building family trees and conducting detailed historical research.

In April 2003, Findmypast was the first online genealogy site to provide access to the complete birth, marriage, and death indexes for England & Wales, winning the Queen’s Award for Innovation. Since that time, the company has digitized records from across the globe, including major collections from Britain, Ireland, Australia, and the United States. Findmypast, in association with The National Archives, recently launched the 1939 Register, a record of 41 million lives on the eve of World War II.

NOTE: You can select the Starter Package or the Premium Package at:


I find Find My Past much more difficult to use and not as user friendly as Ancestry. For those whose library subscribes to Heritage Quest, they can access U.S. census records online and other records at home at no cost through their library card. FamilySearch also offers census records online at no cost. All of these sites are easier to use than Find My Past in my opinion.


    Nancy, I agree with you. Though I am not a “professional” genealogist, I am seasoned. And I work at making my records and research professional. I particularly find Findmypast difficult to maneuver especially when it comes to crafting a citation.


I have been using FindMyPast for a couple of years and find that I can often “slice and dice” information much more effectively on FindMyPast than Ancestry’s throw all the poop on the wall approach. Ancestry either lets me look at all the garbage or pouts and says it can find nothing even when I know there are records matching my search terms.

While Ancestry could find nothing, FindMyPast found early census records for both a 4th great grandfather and later his widow. It gave me his name so I could find their marriage record. I’d still be unsuccessfully poking at that brick wall if I’d only used Ancestry.


    Marci, I quite agree. Just was looking up something I can`t find in my unsorted pile of info but I know it was from Ancestry – just NOT there at all today. However, I can find on Find My Past the same information with one quick look. I do know it was originally from Ancestry as it is listed in my Research Log!! I use both and have done for years now, but since the big change, Ancestry is not as simple to use nor as accurate. Sad and an expensive lesson to learn.


FindMyPast feels like they spent more energy was spent on advertising than on substance.


Where does one find the list of available records for each price tier package?


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