Take a Genealogy Cruise to Alaska with HB Genealogy Cruises

hbgenealogycruisesGenealogy cruises are very popular and for good reasons. They are educational, they are fun, and they also provide a great experience for family members who are not interested in genealogy. Unlike a genealogy conference in a major city’s conference center, I have never heard a complaint about a cruise from non-interested family members who accompany a family member on one of these family history conferences on the seas.

For more information about the benefits of genealogy cruises, see my earlier article, Genealogy Cruises versus Convention Centers, at http://goo.gl/9d0acs.

HB Genealogy Cruises, sponsored by Heritage Books, has been in the cruise business for several years under the guidance of Craig Scott. The company is now offering its 4th Annual Genealogy Conference & Cruise, this time from Seattle, Washington, to British Columbia, to several ports in Alaska, and back again. The cruise will take place on September 17 — 24, 2017, roughly one year from now. I will suggest now is the time to start planning!

The voyage will be on the Princess cruise ship Emerald Princess when it leaves from Seattle, Washington, to sail to Ketchikan, Alaska; Juneau, Alaska; Skagway, Alaska; Victoria, British Columbia; and back to Seattle, Washington. Attendees will learn about genealogical research methods, sources, and tools from some of the foremost speakers in those fields — Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD; Debbie Mieszala, CG; Pamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA; Rick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA; and Craig Scott, CG.

With HB Genealogy Cruises, attendees have an opportunity to do more than simply sit in lectures. Each attendee can share a meal with a world-class genealogist or schedule one-on-one time with the experts to discuss their specific research challenges. It is suggested that you come armed with your records and be prepared to hear about new resources, repositories, and finding aids that will help you to break down those brick walls. Some people find these private consultations alone to be worth the trip!

Prices start at $1,144 per person for an inside cabin and ocean view cabins, balcony cabins, and mini suites are also available at higher prices.

For comparison purposes, I can state that it cost more than that for me to recently attend a 4-day national genealogical conference on land within the US and neither the food nor the scenery was anywhere near as good as that of a cruise ship. Each evening’s entertainment is also much better on a cruise ship. The chairs in a cruise ship’s conference rooms are also softer than those in most landlocked conference centers and the temperature is better controlled to boot!

Unlike some of the other genealogy cruises, single cabins are available for anyone traveling alone on HB Genealogy Cruises’ genealogy cruise to Alaska. If you book your cabin by November 16, 2016, you will receive a FREE stateroom location upgrade, FREE gratuities, and FREE onboard spending money. You can learn all the details of this offer at http://goo.gl/LRVLh3.

For more information about HB Genealogy Cruises’ 4th Annual Genealogy Conference & Cruise to Alaska and British Columbia, go to http://hbgenealogycruises.com.


They will see only southeastern you were in south central and only saw a smidgeon of it. It is beautiful country if they get sunshine, not the liquid version. I graduated High School from South eastern then College in Fairbanks and settled in Anchorage..but my heart is in small towns!Are you going on that cruise?


Are they for advanced researchers or only for beginners?


    We try to have a little bit for everyone. The only way to become an “advanced” researcher is to be exposed to a wide spectrum of course material. And then there is of course the issue that in genealogy we only self-define our level. I am advanced in some areas, but I am not the person to talk to about French-Canadian records, just as an example. So definitely not just for beginners and definitely not just for advanced, but for both. – Craig


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