Evernote’s Future Is in the Cloud

evernote_googlecloudI have written frequently about Evernote, a note-taking app on steroids that is very useful for genealogists and most everyone else. (See http://goo.gl/uEaV7X for my past articles about Evernote.) I have also written frequently about use of “the cloud” for genealogy and other purposes. (See http://goo.gl/f6IkQh for my past articles about the cloud. I especially recommend a Plus Edition article, (+) I am Moving to the Cloud, that has an introduction at http://goo.gl/z6P2TL with the full article available at http://eogn.com/wp/?p=40129.)

Now Evernote has come to the same conclusion that I came to some time ago: it makes sense to move to the cloud.

The Evernote Blog has an article entitled Evernote’s Future Is in the Cloud at https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/09/13/evernotes-future-cloud/ that summarizes the company’s recent study. It says (in part):

“In reviewing our options, the benefits of adopting a modern cloud solution for our data quickly became clear. After an intensive period of research and investigation involving several cloud providers, we have selected Google Cloud Platform to provide our data infrastructure moving forward.

“Until now, Evernote has owned, configured, and maintained its own servers and networks. This approach gave us the ability to build the service we wanted the way we wanted to build it. But it is also limiting—expensive to maintain, slow to upgrade, and difficult to scale. And while the infrastructure we have now is perfectly suited to support Evernote as it runs today, it lacks the speed and flexibility we need for tomorrow.

“Meanwhile, cloud platform services have come into their own, transforming the technological landscape as they become ever more robust. But the question was this: can a cloud service give our 200 million customers the high level of quality, performance, and security they expect and deserve from Evernote?

“We believe it can.”

You can read the article at https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/09/13/evernotes-future-cloud/.


If they don’t maintain their own servers then my first question is how can I backup my own Evernote data? It’s not that I’m opposed to their moving to someone else’s servers. I just need to be responsible for my own data. And yes, that’s probably a good idea even with Evernote having their own servers. Man do I rely on Evernote for everything!


    Evernote’s move will have little impact on us. We will still operate the same as before. With luck we could see new features that weren’t possible before. I’d like to see something for the increase subscription cost.


The Cloud is just other peoples’ servers. Few companies actually own, configure and maintain their own servers and networks. It used to be called Outsourcing. Apparently we were using the Cloud for our mainframes many years ago and never knew it….

This is not to deny important advances have taken place in using that capacity flexibly – but it is just an evolution, and I’m surprised that Evernote have taken so long. (Though looking at their User Interface, maybe I’m not).


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