Book Review: Organize Your Genealogy

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

organize-your-genealogyOrganize Your Genealogy
Strategies and Solutions for Every Researcher
By Drew Smith. Family Tree Books. 2016. 239 pages.

When Organize Your Genealogy came into my mailbox and I read the title, my first thought was, Who the heck needs another organize-your-genealogy book?

Recently, I spent an entire day researching a family. When I opened up The Master Genealogist to enter the data, the Person Screen shrieked the awful truth: You already did this research a year ago…bozo!

So who needs another organize-your-genealogy book? Well, it appears, I do.

Mr. Smith is a seasoned author, speaker, librarian, and genealogist. He’s authored Social Networking for Genealogists, co-authored Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques, and he’s one of The Genealogy Guys on the genealogy podcast found at His interest and expertise is on the technology side of genealogy; he currently serves as academic librarian at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Chapter One starts right where we should: Organize Yourself. It’s the first time I’ve read about mental wellness, diet, and emotional health as factors involving genealogy work. I think this presents a holistic and modern approach on personal preparedness, probably always a good idea.

Succeeding chapters offer ideas on organizing your space, goals, notes and ideas, files, and the research process. Organizing Your Communication focusses on emails message boards, and the like; the tricky task of organizing your online searches is addressed in Organizing Your Online Research; and he goes on to write about organizing your research trips, your learning, and your volunteering.

We all have different ways of learning, so one more genealogy guidebook on the market offers a new opportunity for learning in a different way.

Organize Your Genealogy covers the paper and the digital, in logical manner, aiding the beginner as well as the experienced.

Organize Your Genealogy, Strategies and Solutions for Every Researcher by Drew Smith may be purchased from Family Tree Books, the publisher, at as well as from Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle book at


Sounds like I could use this too. Recently ordered a birth certificate from another state only to find that I already had it and paid for it twice. The first chapter sounds interesting. Family illness is one factor that can distract me and make concentration difficult. I tend to make mistakes when I’m not mentally sharp. Thanks for sharing.


Congratulations, Drew!


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