Amazon Photo Printing Service

amazon_printsThis isn’t a genealogy story but I am aware that many genealogists also like to digitize and duplicate old family photos. Therefore, I suspect many genealogists will be interested in Amazon’s recently announced photo printing service. You upload your digital images online to Amazon’s servers and then the company prints them on very high quality photo printers and mails the printed photos to you in old-fashioned postal mail. The result is much higher quality photos than anything you could ever print at home on standard consumer-quality inkjet printers. Amazon Prints is available only to Amazon Prime and Amazon Drive customers.

The big news is that Amazon Prints photo printing service has pricing that is much cheaper than its major competitors: Shutterfly, Snapfish or your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, or other stores. For instance, Amazon’s photo printing fees are 55% cheaper than Shutterfly. The new pricing is so aggressive that Shutterfly’s stock dropped by more than 12% in the NASDAQ stock exchange in one day following Amazon’s announcement.

Amazon Prints will only charge Prime or Drive customers $0.09 for 4R (4″x6″), $0.58 for 5R (5″x7″), and $1.79 for 8R (8″x10″) prints. Those prices are in US dollars.

Cheap photo printing from Amazon Prints is also an incentive for people to sign-up for Amazon Prime. (I am an Amazon Prime customer and love the service. It is expensive to sign up but I believe I receive all that money back and more over the following year in the form of lower prices and free shipping. In addition, Amazon Prime offers free access to movies delivered online via streaming video, to free music, and a lot more.) For a limited time, Amazon Prints is offering free shipping as a further enticement to sign up now although I am sure that will change within a few weeks or months.

You can learn more about Amazon Prints at


USA only….again!


Wow – After I read this, I immediately downloaded everything I needed to order prints from Amazon – especially since I’m a Prime member. I have to say that I was tremendously disappointed in the process for trying to order prints. A very, very unfriendly process for the user. Maybe I should have taken more time to read how to work everything out, but it should never be as hard as I found it to be. Just my opinion.


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