Genealogy Research Without Borders: Legacy Tree Genealogists Launches Site in Portuguese

The following announcement was written by Legacy Tree Genealogists:

legacy-tree-genealogistsSALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – September 28, 2016 – Legacy Tree Genealogists, a leading genealogy research firm based near the world’s largest family history library in downtown Salt Lake City, has announced their website will now be available to residents of Brazil in their native tongue of Portuguese. The announcement comes after months of development and professional translation services, ensuring that all elements will transition seamlessly for international users.

Already translated in Spanish, the website aims to provide resources for those searching for their ancestors who may feel overwhelmed or have hit a brick wall in their personal research, uniting them with a worldwide network of professional genealogists who can help them find the answers they seek.

“Our team of genealogists is hand-picked, experienced, and trained to work efficiently and carefully in uncovering our clients’ family stories. They have expertise in areas ranging from finding rare international records to genetic genealogy and DNA analysis,” said Legacy Tree president, Jessica Taylor. “We have established a reputation as the best research firm in the world based on client satisfaction. We cite all resources and provide documentation, so you can feel comfortable knowing that the information you receive is verified and accurate.”

Taylor, a graduate of Brigham Young University’s Family History program, founded Legacy Tree Genealogists in 2004, and has seen tremendous growth in the family history arena within the past 12 years, rising to a multi-billion-dollar industry.

“People have an innate desire to know where they came from,” said Taylor. “The question of who we are is as old as time itself, and with the advancements in technology and genetic genealogy, these answers are more readily available than ever before.”

The decision to translate the website into Portuguese was a very personal undertaking for Taylor, who served an 18-month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Brazil from January 2001 to July 2002.

“I have a deep love for the people of Brazil, and to be able to provide a service to them that can help them gain a greater understanding into where they came from is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding,” said Taylor.

In the near future Legacy Tree Genealogists has plans to release the website in additional languages, including French and Russian, in order to continue to better serve the global community.

About Legacy Tree Genealogists
Legacy Tree Genealogists is the world’s leading genealogy research firm. Founded in 2004, the mission of the company is to bridge the divide between our clients and their ancestors, helping them discover their roots and personal history. Our team of professional genealogists search the world for answers and find the un-findable. Based near the world’s largest family history library in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah we have developed a network of professional researchers and archives around the globe. More information is available at or

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