The Troy Irish Genealogy Society Announces a New Database: Headstones of Civil War & Spanish American War Veterans

The folks at the Troy Irish Genealogy Society again are busy transcribing records. (See for a list of my past articles about this hyper-active society’s efforts.) Here is the Society’s announcement about the latest effort:

New York State, was well as many other states, passed legislation to provide for the care, burial and erection of headstones for veterans of the Civil War and the Spanish American War. Under that law, (Chapter 225, Article V, Section 84 of the NYS Poor Laws) all counties in New York State were required to provide for the erection of headstones for these veterans.

Records of the proceedings of the Albany County Board of Supervisors dealing with Section 84 and the providing of headstones are the source of this latest data base of Military Records added to the Troy Irish Genealogy Society. To see these records, go to the TIGS website – – click on PROJECTS and then under MILITARY RECORDS click on ERECTION OF HEADSTONES – CIVIL WAR & SPANISH AMERICAN WAR VETERANS.

The following data elements for these almost 1,000 veterans names are part of this new series of records:

  • Veteran Name
  • Unit Name
  • Veteran of
  • Residence – Very few shown for this item
  • Name of Cemetery
  • Location of Cemetery
  • Date – This date may be the date of the Board of Supervisors proceedings where the veterans name is included on the report or it may be the actual data the headstone was ordered.

The names in this data base are arranged in three separate files as follows:

  1. Surname of Veteran
  2. Unit Name Veteran Served In
  3. Cemetery Where Interred

It should be noted that a number of the cemeteries mentioned in the data base such as St. Mary’s, Albany and St. John’s, Albany have been closed for more than 100 years and all remains have been relocated to other cemeteries.


Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York has a plot specific to Spanish American War Veterans. The office there has excellent records. There is also a specific Civil War Plot or 2.


Hello, Mr. Eastman. My name is Diana Fleming, granddaughter of the late Harry E. Fleming, past Senior Commander of the original Trojan Post in Troy. I’ve been doing geneology on my grandparents and other families for quite some time now. I do have a few photographs given to me by my late father, Edw. Sikorsky, of Harry and members of that Post, I believe, with my grandfather Harry in them. And to be honest, it’s been a devil of a time finding out information about him. But one of the old black/white photos has in the background a banner with UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERANS INSTITUTED FEBRUARY 12, 1900. And I think Harry was one of the made up costumed Indians sitting in the front row. Will give you my e-mail address and if any information at all is available on my grandfather I would desperately love to a look at it. Thanks for your assistance.
Diana M Fleming. PS. His wife, Elizabeth was, of course a Charter member who passed away suddenly Sept. of 1946. Thank you.


    Thank you for the offer. I must admit that I have little to no knowledge of the Spanish American War veterans in Troy, NY. You might want to contact the Troy Irish Genealogy Society. They are the people who wrote the above article and they have all the expertise.

    Good luck!


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