Are You Seeing Unwanted Advertising on this Web Site? If So, Here is the Fix

UPDATE: This article describes a problem with unwanted advertisements that appear on the web site. Ads that appear in email messages are a totally different issue, unrelated to this article.

For years, I have received occasional reports from newsletter readers that all sorts of obnoxious pop-up ads and similar, obnoxious advertising is appearing on the web site. Not everyone sees the ads but a few people do see them. However, in the past few days, the number of such reports has increased greatly. If you are seeing unwanted advertising, the problem is in your computer, not with the web site.


The above is an example of bogus ads

The web site always contains exactly one advertisement and that is from MyHeritage. MyHeritage is the exclusive sponsor of this newsletter and no other ads are allowed. Here is the only advertisement you should ever see on


Above is the legitimate ad from MyHeritage. It is the only advertisement you should ever see on

The MyHeritage ads are always displayed as the first article, just below the banner. There are no other ads on the web site and there have never been any pop-up ads on as I hate pop-up ads and I will not subject my readers to such junk. If you are seeing any other ads, those ads originated in your computer, not in the web site. If you are seeing “extra ads,” read on.

The interesting thing is that the only people who see these unwanted advertisements are some of the people running Microsoft Windows, although certainly not all Windows users see them. Anyone using Macintosh, Linux, iPad, Android, or other operating systems apparently never see the unwanted advertisements. In theory, it is possible for a Macintosh user to see the same problems but, so far, I have not yet received any such reports from anyone who says they are seeing the ads on a Mac.

You probably are also seeing obnoxious pop-up ads on other web sites as well. The problem is not limited to only

The problem appears to be caused by adware or a virus or by some other malware (malevolent software) that has been surreptitiously installed on your computer. An article on the Malware Tips web site at states:

The pop-up ads are usually caused by an ad-supported extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, which is distributed through various monetization platforms during installation. The malicious browser extensions is typically added when you install another free software (video recording/streaming, download-managers or PDF creators) that had bundled into their installation this adware program.

When an adware extension is installed on your computer, whenever you will open a new tab within Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, an ad from will pop-up. Other common symptoms include:

  • Advertising banners are injected with the web pages that you are visiting.
  • Random web page text is turned into hyperlinks.
  • Browser popups appear which recommend fake updates or other software.
  • Other unwanted adware programs might get installed without the user’s knowledge.

If you are using the Chrome web browser, see a report from Google that describes the problem and tells how to remove it at: If you are seeing the pop-up ads in Firefox, Internet Explorer or possibly in Chrome, another helpful article may be found at


Dick . Your article came at the right time.
I’ve had problems over the last couple of days with adverts appearing on my own web site, this has only come about since by whatever means a “DriverUpdate” utility has been downloaded to my PC. I hadn’t associated the “DriverUpdate” utility with my advert appearance problem but following your article I did a search of the Internet where basically it was said do not use “DriverUpdate” utility. I have uninstalled “DriverUpdate” and downloaded “AdwCleaner” to clear the remnants and fingers crossed my problem had gone.


But Dick if it is a browser infection WHY do they only show on your newsletters NOT anyone else’s? I also think you have a problem at your end.


    —> But Dick if it is a browser infection WHY do they only show on your newsletters NOT anyone else’s?

    They should show up on other web sites also.


    Hi Dick,
    Hi from England!
    I have a Mac and I am getting them too, on my iPad & main computer. Don’t have them in any other app or or newsletter. I read your newsletter from my mail programme which is a web based one.


I downloaded ADBLOCKPLUS several years ago, and it blocks future ads from appearing on any site you go to. I have Windows 10 now, but did have 8 when I got it. Having it seems to have sped up my computer, too!


I use AdBlock Plus and rarely see ads. Every so often I use someone else’s computer and am astonished at the number of ads. I’d probably stop using the internet if I had to put up with all that. I particularly hate pop ups/unders.

You have to be very careful when downloading stuff because they often have prechecked boxes that give permission to install unwanted hitchhikers. I’ve noticed Adobe Flash updates are offered in a box with three compartments. The right hand one is the one you check to give permission for installation. Interestingly, the middle one–which has two prechecked boxes for software–consistently loads last, after the installation permission box loads after the Next box. I’ve learned the hard way to wait for that middle stealth box to load BEFORE going forward. Mostly I just try to keep Flash off my system which works well since most sites now use HTML5, the industry standard now.


There’s more going on here. The FeedBlitz that sends out emails from this site is embedding ads in the email and they even show up in iOS email. They don’t show in the site itself in iOS.


Ads are only in my google email (not pop-ups, but in-line with content) and appear on both my chromebook and my windows 10 computers. The ads are “powered” by LiveIntent and powerinbox. I have not noticed ads appearing in other email subscriptions. This doesn’t sound like a malware problem. Any suggestions?


I’m seeing an advert in the emails, using linux.


    —> I’m seeing an advert in the emails, using linux.

    Ads in email messages are a completely separate issue, not related to the article above.

    There are multiple ways of subscribing to this newsletter by email. Even FeedBlitz offers two separate options.

    If you click on the “Subscribe to the FREE Standard Edition Newsletter!” link in the upper right side of this web page, you will be taken to a FeedBlitz service that I pay for. The email messages you receive from that link will contain one advertisement for MyHeritage. Nothing else. If you simply go to (without clicking on the link in the upper right side of this web page) and sign up for their free email delivery, you will receive the same articles but with various ads that are inserted by FeedBlitz.

    If you go to any other “subscriber by email service,” such as FeedBurner, WordPress, Blogtrottr, RSS Forward, Feed Mailer, FeeedMyInbox, or others, you probably will receive all sorts of ads that are not under my control. Most of those services provide email feeds of new articles on blogs and other content that offers RSS. Those other services pay their expenses by inserting ads into the email messages you receive.

    To determine which service you are using, look at the return address on each email message you receive.


I am also seeing ads in the email, using Firefox, Google mail.


While reading on my IPad I’m seeing multiple ads from “Liveintent”. So it appears that it’s not just on desktop computers. How does this happen and how can I stop it. The last blog from had 3 such ads.


    —> How does this happen and how can I stop it.

    I have no idea. I never heard of Liveintent. I assure you that those email messages did not come from me.

    I am hoping someone else can jump in here and answer your question.

    I just performed a Google search and found you can read more about Liveintent’s (obnoxious) business practices at


I use Mac OS Sierra and Safari. I started getting the ads in your newsletter about a week ago ( before updating the Mac OS). I have no extensions showing in Safari preferences, but I just downloaded Ad Blocker from the Apple site. I have also had this problem on the Find A Grave website recently, warning me that I need to click to clean my computer. I never click, of course!


    Find A Grave on my desktop has gotten so bad with embedded links that I am unable to remain on the page, and have to go to my iPad to look at the page! I will try Dick’s suggestion and hope to restore order.


I’ve had this happen more than a few times and was unable to determine malicious application caused the problem. In my case ad-blocking software didn’t help, nor did any of the anti-malware software I used. Even my expensive anti-virus software couldn’t block it.
I was able to remove them by using the Windows restore function to reset my computer to an earlier point in time where the ads were not appearing. Then using Windows Explorer I was able to locate several directories filled with .dat files that were generating the links. I deleted those checked for any suspicious program files that were installed at the same time. After verifying they were unnecessary files I deleted them and problem solved.


The Ads are within the email (not pop-ups, but in-line with content) and appear when reading via any device or browser. The ads are “powered” by LiveIntent and powerinbox.

If you would like, I can forward you a PDF copy of the email.

I receive the emails from:
Eastmans Online Genealogy Newsletter
Reply-To: Eastmans Online Genealogy Newsletter


    —> The Ads are within the email

    Ads in email are a different story, not related to the article above.

    —> The ads are “powered” by LiveIntent and powerinbox.

    See my earlier reply to a comment posted by someone else. I never heard of Liveintent. I assure you that those email messages did not come from me.

    I just performed a Google search and found you can read more about Liveintent’s (obnoxious) business practices at


I’m on an iPad and have been seeing MANY ads in the newsletter for about a week. Will try Ad Blocker.


A right can of worms has opened up with this particular Newsletter but still very useful.
Having uninstalled the rogue “DriverUpdate” utility from my PC I scanned with “AdwCleaner” which identified 285 threats. Tried cleaning these threats but “AdwCleaner” became unresponsive each time I scanned and appempted to clean the various folders, files etc. So a search on Google came up with the suggestion that once scanned with “AdwCleaner” to untick some of the folders etc and see if the clean option would be more responsive. Having done this several times I am now down to 33 threats but will have to keep scanning and unticking boxes until I finally eliminate all the threats, this is somewhat time consuming because each time you carry out a cleaning operation you have to reboot the PC.


I have a Mac and just upgraded to OS Sierra (big mistake!) I began seeing these ads and assumed the newsletter needed the funding, so I ignored them. Thanks for letting everybody know! I will try the fixes. I have found a lot invasive stuff that seemed to be added to my computer when I installed the new OS.


I did every step in the post from today and I still see the ads.


Some things are easier to remove if you use the Windows SafeStart, then run the program you are trying to use to remove unwanted software.


Re: Windows Users – Most of these imbedded ads are from what are called ‘pups’ – potentially unwanted programs. You can download a program called Malwarebytes (free version) and run it at least once a week. If you have any on your computer it will list them – your choice to keep or delete them.


I had this problem on some sites. After doing all the adware and malware cleanup’s ( it took 4 of them) I also put the link to the site on the bookmark bar. Techs explained that the bookmark bar is ‘behind’ the Microsoft ad blocker and is an added block to seeing ads on web/blog sites. It worked. I’m not a tech , so I can’t explain it or defend it – I just did it and don’t have those issues anymore, even on one blog that was absolutely covered with ad’s.


In contrast to many comments about the ads in this newsletter – I do not receive any pop-up ads at all or on other websites/newsletters. I use windows 10 and Chrome with all the latest updates. I also never click on anything in newsletter or websites that look suspicious.


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