DNA Detectives Volunteers Help Adoptees Find their Birth Parents

DNA Detectives is a Facebook group run by volunteers who call themselves “search angels” and who help adoptees, sperm donor kids, and others who are hunting for their biological relatives. With more than 24,000 members, DNA Detectives began in February 2015, said CeCe Moore, its founder, which she helps run from San Clemente, Calif. Moore calls herself a genetic genealogist. She consults on the PBS show “Finding Your Roots,” and her company The DNA Detectives works with with the media on stories related to DNA, promoting genetic genealogy education through conferences and seminars.


Thanks to cheaper and more available DNA sequencing technology, and online networks like this Facebook group, it’s easier to do this kind of search than ever. Anyone who wants to find their birth parents, or learn more about their ancestors, no longer has to rely on sperm banks and digging through decades-old obituaries. Digital tools and DNA home testing kits are opening history’s door wider.

You can read a fascinating article about the DNA Detectives in an article by David Silverberg in the Motherboard web site at https://goo.gl/oV3KUe.


I have four dna sampleso I can’t get an answer for siblings and their fathers . Three were adopted.


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This is so important, thank you Dick Eastman for writing this. I have experienced this. I was contacted by an individual saying she was helping her adopted daughter find her biological parents and I was the daughter’s highest match. Wow! I have dabbled in the DNA realm, but I am not an expert. I have knowledge to a certain level, then I need help. I am calling one of my genie friends such as Bernice Bennett, Shannon Christmas or Shannon Combs Bennett, Angela Baggins Trammel and Judy G. Russell. Well as the story goes-my mother and I determined which side of the family this young lady was on based on the limited information from the adoption agency and where she was born, etc., -we pinpointed a couple of cousins that fit the MO of being her father. It is not totally solved yet, but we are on the right track. I contacted a 82 yr. old cousin and the adopted daughter was her highest match. Woohoo!


I am 54 years old female with a twin sister and would love to no who my biological father and family is very important to me!!


maryellen beermunder October 12, 2016 at 12:31 pm

We are trying to find my husband real parents. We already did a dna testing and not coming up with anything.


    Join DNA Detectives.


    Be diligent, but have patience. It’s generally a tedious process. Definitely join DNA Detectives. They are very helpful, but continue to search on your own. Chip away at hunches. You never know what door you will open.

    Good luck!


Cece I love ur page and has helped so any locate their families .. I am searching as well .. but if u need would love to volunteer jerseygirldebbie210@gmail.com phone 7326707576 im in jersey


Would love some help. I am 48 years old trying to find out who my Bio Father is.
I did Ancestry.Com and now 23 and Me.
My brother and I were adopted together have same Bio mom different dads.
My Dad has Native Navajo and my brother’s dad is Zuni Indian.
Very long story.


    First, do a free upload of your DNA to gedmatch.com which is a universal database that all DNA companies use. Will find matches on other DNA companies.
    If no matches, test with another DNA company. Not everyone knows about gedmatch.com.


How do I go about having someone help me find my birth parents. I was adopted out of North Dakota which is a closed state. My adopted parents did not have any info nor would they tell me if they did. My DNA has linked me to the Anton George Leingang family with 27 out of 29 matches but I am a novice to Ancestry and am lost. (in many ways!) My birth date is 1/5/52 and I believe I was adopted out of Catholic Charities from either Grand Forks or Fargo, North Dakota. That is all the information I have. Please let me know if you would be willing to help. Thank You so much.


Test with more than one DNA company and do a free upload of your DNA to gedmatch.com which is a universal database that all DNA companies use. Will find matches on other DNA companies.
Info for adoptees: https://www.dnaquest.org/
Facebook’s DNA Detectives Are Helping Adoptees Find Their Birth Parents


i would like to jointhis group to help me find my birth parents. im sixty-seven.


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