Heredis for Windows and for Macintosh is on sale at 50% off until Sunday, October 23, 2016

Heredis is a very popular genealogy program that is available for Windows, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. See for a list of my past articles about Heredis.) Now the producers of Heredis are offering a 50% off sale until October 23. The following is the announcement:

For 10 days, a mega deal is available for genealogists until Sunday, October 23, 2016 only inclusive: 50% OFF for Heredis software (PC and Mac) on

10 reasons to choose Heredis:

Unlimited program: you can enter as many persons, photos, copies of documents that you want!

Tens of features easy to adopt: from data entry, one of the Heredis strong points to tasteful family tree charts, Heredis advances your genealogy.

Unique functions as enter all members of one family on a single entry screen with the Family Group Data tab: the primary person, the parents, marriages, children, and even the partners of their children are represented!

Heredis is universal: whether you have a PC, a Mac, an iPad or iPhone, your genealogy is compatible everywhere, at all times with everybody.

A mobile version is compatible with the 2015 version of Heredis for iOS and Android. The mobile version is free.

Gedcom format: if you have created a file with another genealogy program, it is easy to transfer in the Heredis program. Your file will be converted automatically in the Heredis version. All your data will be open.

For nearly 22 years, the team has been serving lovers of genealogy and the history of their ancestors.

Buying a Heredis license, you have 3 installations on different computers.

With the 2015 version, everything is now in Heredis. No need for additional software to be installed or paid for, to have all the necessary tools for your genealogy : photo tool, archives portal…

Watch the video for the 2015 version below or at:

The full press release written for the introduction of the current version of Heredis may be found at:


Tried to purchase, keeps sending me back to the original payment screen.


Same problem with my attempted purchase – keeps looping to the original payment screen. Subsequently received an e-mail that my “bank card has been rejected.” Never had that happen before…………….


I was going to order, but after reading these two comments I’m not sure I want to try it! Did either of you, Charles & Michael succeed in getting it ordered?


    I tried a couple more times, but to no avail. Same problems – looping back to the payment page, and then subsequently receiving an e-mail from Heredis saying that payment failed. I have given up.


heredis 2017 will be released to the english market soon. that is the reason for this sale on the 2015 version.

purchase problems were apparently a website bug that has now been fixed per the heredis forum.


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