Use Amazon Family Vault to Share Your UNLIMITED Photo Storage With up to Five People

This isn’t genealogy-related but I suspect it will be popular with genealogists and a few million other people as well: save and share an UNLIMITED number of photographs. Anyone in the United States with an Amazon Prime subscription can now upload an unlimited number of pictures to Amazon Prime Photos at NO EXTRA CHARGE.


I guess it isn’t really free because the service requires a (paid) Amazon Prime account. However, anyone who is a Prime member can store unlimited photos at no extra charge. As a Prime member, you also receive FREE Two-Day shipping (or better) on most Amazon orders, and exclusive access to movies, music and Kindle books, again at no extra charge.

NOTE: I have been a satisfied Amazon Prime member since the service was first offered and use it almost daily. I make most of my purchases online because it is easier and usually saves money. I save several hundred dollars a year by using Amazon Prime. I also save gas and time because I don’t have to go to a local or not-so-local store.

Unlike some other online photo storage services, the images stored on Amazon Family Vault are saved at full resolution, not compressed. Even better, the new Family Vault will allow an Amazon Prime customer to share that space with up to five friends or family members. Prime Photos allows you to upload UNLIMITED photos, plus you have an extra 5 gigabytes of space for videos or any other documents that all your family members can now share.

To add people to your vault, go to your Prime Photos account at You can invite up to five other people to view your photos. (The others do not need to be Amazon Prime members.) Even better, the other people can upload pictures to the same place to share with you and the other four people.

Photos and videos can be uploaded to the Family Vault individually, or in batches, by any of the other five people who have been approved for access, and can be sifted through using Prime’s new search function, which Amazon says can find photos with specific topics, dates, or people as search terms.

Users can upload photos either on the web, through Amazon’s Prime Photos page, or via the Prime Photos app on Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Android. The Prime subscriber in charge of the Vault can also order photo books, cards, and prints of the pictures uploaded by family members directly from Amazon, with free shipping via Prime.

Amazon Family Vault is limited at this time to Amazon Prime members in the United States.

Anyone who already has an Amazon Prime account can access the Amazon Family Vault at (you will have to log in to that page by using your Amazon Prime user name and password).

If you do not yet have an Amazon Prime account, you can learn more about Amazon Family Vault at You also can learn more about Amazon Prime at

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So are the photos used by Amazon in anyway or are they really just storing them for us? Sounds too generous to have no stick in the fire too.


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