The Future Tomb of Actor Nicolas Cage

TOKYO - DECEMBER 06: Actor Nicolas Cage attends the Premiere for a film "National Treasure" at Roppongi Hills on December 6, 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. The film will open on December 21 in world wide. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

I guess it pays to be prepared. Lots of people purchase cemetery plots (as I have already done) and even tombstones before their own death. Actor Nicolas Cage is one of those who is prepared. However, his preparations seem a bit unusual.

Cage purchased a large cemetery plot in New Orleans’ historic St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. How he obtained the plot seems to be a mystery; the cemetery is already overcrowded and local residents didn’t believe there was enough space for another burial, much less a nine-foot-tall stone pyramid that requires a lot of space.


The Saint Louis Cemetery is one of New Orleans’ most famous cemeteries where the dead are buried above ground because nobody wants to see their ancestors’ caskets floating every time it floods.

Nicolas Cage is still vey much alive and making movies. The empty grave is a stark, nine-foot-tall stone pyramid that stands in obvious contrast to the blockier, above-ground burial sites that have been crumbling away in the cemetery for over two centuries. There is no name on the pyramid yet, but it is emblazoned with the Latin maxim, “Omni Ab Uno,” which translates to “Everything From One.”

The actor himself has chosen to remain silent about his reasoning for the flamboyant tomb.

The 9-foot-tall pyramid smothered is usually covered in lipstick kisses, apparently left by Nicolas Cage’s female fans who visit the spot. The pyramid isn’t far from the grave of Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau.

Many locals are furious that he was able to obtain a plot in the cramped graveyard. Many have even accused the tomb of damaging or removing other centuries-old burials to make room.

Nicolas Cage is known to be a bit eccentric. Over the past decade, Cage has owned 15 personal residences (including castles in Germany and England), and nine Rolls-Royces. See for a few of his other unusual accomplishments.

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Not as flamboyant as this monument self-created to himself by a still undead Illinois politician and known locally as Burris-Henge:


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