Who Do You Think You Are? Series 13 to start on BBC1 on November 24

bbc-who-do-you-think-you-areThe UK version of Who Do You Think You Are? will start on the BBC1 network at 8pm GMT on Thursday November 24, 2016. It will last for 10 episodes and will feature:

Actor Danny Dyer will open the series. He has worked in television, film and theatre but is best known as Eastenders’ Mick Carter. The West Ham United FC fan was born in Canning Town, east London.

Presenter Amanda Holden – best known for her appearances as a Britain’s Got Talent judge – will also be delving into her family history. Holden was born in Portsmouth in 1971.

Sir Ian McKellen, actor and recipient of six Laurence Olivier awards, is set to discover if there’s a reason his performances of Shakespeare have been so well received. McKellen was born in Lancashire in 1939 – both his grandparents were preachers and his great grandfather was a protestant minister.

Newsreader Sophie Raworth will also delve into her family history. The journalist was born in Surrey where her mother was a florist and her father a businessman.

Comedian and actor Ricky Tomlinson, best known for his role as Jim Royle in the Royle Family will also delve into the archives. He was born in Lancashire and has lived in Liverpool for almost all of his life.

Actor Warwick Davis, who has appeared in Star Wars and Harry Potter will look into his family history.

Irish television presenter Liz Bonnin was born in Paris to a Trinidadian mother of Indian Portuguese descent, and a French father, who was a dentist. She is best known as the face of Bang Goes the Theory and Countrywise.

Stand up comedian Greg Davies is known for appearances in The Inbetweeners, Mock The Week and Would I Lie To You. His Welsh father reportedly drove his pregnant mother over the border to ensure his son was born in Wales.

Liverpudlian actress Sunetra Sarker is known for her roles in Brookside, No Angels and Casualty.

Talent show winner turned judge Cheryl will also delve into her family background on the show.


Hi Dick, In the UK we have been back on GMT (not BST) for a couple of weeks now! Peter


Sure wish this were available in Massachusetts.


How can I watch this in the US?


Why aren’t some celebrities episodes being shown or have I missed some e.g. Warwick Davis, Sophie Raworth etc


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