Ships’ Logs of the Honourable East India Company Service are Being Placed Online

In the early 19th century a voyage from England to India and the Far East took over a year to complete. These ships carried hundreds of crew and passengers and the logs list their names, rank, destinations, children are recorded. Many hundreds of the logs survive and are stored in the British Library in original bound volumes. Most of them have never been copied or transcribed. One free web site is now trying to change that. For the first time, a few of the ships’ logs have been made available online.

honourable-east-india-companyThe Records cover the government of India amounting to over 10 miles of shelves, plus 70,000 volumes of official publications and 105,000 manuscripts and maps. Day to day events are recorded such as cleaning, loading the ship, weather, floggings, recording of passing ships, sickness, disputes, and death.

Only a tiny percentage of the logs have been transferred to date. Ships’ logs available online so far include the following ships’ names and voyages:

Ship Voyage Contents Dates
NORTHAMPTON Voyage to Bombay and Bengal under Captain Barker Log and Journal 12 Jul 1801 to 18 Apr 1803
HUDDART Voyage to Bombay under Captain Thomas Gabriel Bayliff Log and Journal 10 Mar 1806 to 6 Oct 1807
NORTHAMPTON Voyage to Madras and Bengal under Captain Sanders Log and Journal 4 Jul 1807 to 2 Feb 1809
LORD KEITH Voyage to Calcutta under Captain Campbell Log and Journal 29 Jan 1810 to 28 Oct 1811
JULIANA Voyage to Batavia under Captain Rawes Log , Journal and Ledger, Pay Book 12 Mar 1812 to 15 Sep 1813
WARREN HASTINGS Voyage to China under Captain Rawes Log and Journal 13 Mar 1815 to 11 Jul 1816
WARREN HASTINGS Voyage to China under Captain Rawes Log and Journal 25 Jan 1819 to 28 Jul 1820
WARREN HASTINGS Voyage to China under Captain Rawes Log and Journal 24 Feb 1823 to 13 Jul 1824
WARREN HASTINGS Voyage to China under Captain Rawes Log and Journal 4 Mar 1825 to 25 Jul 1826
VANSITTART Voyage to China under Captain Dalrymple Log and Journal 15 Dec 1826 to 11 Jul 1828

Adding transcriptions to the web site is an ongoing effort with the plan to eventually transcribe every log entry. Transcription of the logs from the ship Repulse on its voyage to the far east in 1830 are now being made.

You can find these online transcriptions from the Honourable East India Company at



some of these will no doubt re write some history!!


I’m having trouble opening anything up on the webpage. Any ideas why?


    The contents alphabet on the ‘People’ page does not seem ready for use. Choose voyages and then for the ship chosen, click on the red entry at the right and a page opens. I looked at Northampton. Clicking on an image increases the size of the image.


Not ready for prime time. No search function. (that should have been 1st). MANY dead links that give you a generic 404. Pictures the size of postage stamps which, might have been fine back in the age when we all used dial-up. They would have been way better off waiting until they were ready to make an announcement.


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