Book Review: The Spyglass File

The following book review was written by Dina Carson and Bobbi King:

thespyglassfileThe Spyglass File
by Nathan Dylan Goodwin. Self-published. 2016. 282 pages.

The following review was co-authored by Dina Carson and Bobbi King.
(Dina Carson is a tombstone photographer, editor, author, compiler of Boulder county records, Boulder [Colorado] Genealogical Society editor, and owner of Iron Gate Publishing. She has compiled and published numerous articles and books about Boulder County history and residents, and published her own series of books on writing personal family histories and self-publishing.)

The November holidays are behind us, the election is finally over, Black Friday lingers, and CyberMonday lasts only one day, so there are still a few days before the busy Christmas season is upon us to grab some me-time and enjoy a new Morton Farrier novel.

The Spyglass File brings back Morton Farrier, forensic genealogist, and he’s in more danger than ever before.

It’s the Second World War, and the German Luftwaffe is bombing English cities, the coast, and the vulnerable countryside. Information that was hidden away in the Spyglass File has led to murder, threatening to expose the wrongdoings of those who would rather it all remain forever hidden.

What could possibly endanger even more, more than the Germans, the brave British flyboys and the valiant officers of the secret Y-Service, staffed by the dedicated young women of the Women’s Auxilliary Air Force? Could the answers be found exclusively among the people who have signed the Official Secrets Act? Or could a war-time baby, born in the midst of the warfare chaos, hold the key to the secrets?

Morton Farrier, family-history searcher and detective, must resurrect his faltering genealogical career and traverse a tangled web of lies, secrecy, double dealing and DNA to solve a decades-old mystery that may actually get him killed.

Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin has given students of the Second World War, and avid family historians, another great genealogical read.

The Spyglass File by Nathan Dylan Goodwin is available from from Amazon in the U.S. at and from Amazon U.K. at


Bought this from Barnes & Noble the other week and could not put it down! Interesting genealogy line but also the history laced into it is fascinating!


Marilyn Kay Maynard November 29, 2016 at 7:05 am

If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, this title is available. I enjoyed others by Nathan Dylan Goodwin and just ordered this one.


Always enjoy Goodwin’s books because they’re so well researched.


Would love to hear about other genealogical mysteries.


    I too love Goodwin’s books – I’ve read them all.

    Others I enjoyed include Steve Robinson who just keeps getting better!

    John Nixon writes a series with less sex and violence and an older pair of genealogist sleuths

    A couple of new series that show real promise: M J Lee’s Jayne Sinclair series and M K Jones Maze Investigations series.

    I am still deciding about Jimmy Fox. The writing is very good – but the genealogist hero in “Deadly Pedigree” has some unacceptable practices. I am giving him another chance.


I have read all of his books and enjoyed them all.


Just st finished all 5 in the series. Loved all of them.


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