No, Not a Professional Gynecologist!

On a recent episode of the television quiz show, Wheel of Fortune, a partially filled-out phrase looked good but the contestant blurted out the wrong answer: Professional Gynecologist.


The correct answer was: Professional Genealogist.

You can see a video at



Watch wheel all the time so seen it


Yep I saw that too and had to laugh about it. Dot


Something wrong with the board as shown: Why is the “A” displayed in Genealogist but not shown in the work Profession”A”l?


    Mary Dresser Taffet December 1, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    You may not be familiar with how Wheel of Fortune works. There are some puzzles where, instead of a particular contestant asking for a specific letter, in which case all matches in the puzzle will be revealed, more and more letters pop up randomly over time, and the first person who thinks they can provide the answer rings in and tries to solve the puzzle. For those rounds, not all letters of the same type will appear at the same time. Those are the rounds that determine which contestant gets to go first in the next round, where contestants do ask for particular letters.


Well makes a change from Geologist! Maybe we need a new job title?


You can see that the second A is lit up but she has not activated it yet. Vanna has to touch it for it to show.


Carol Davidson Baird December 1, 2016 at 10:56 am

When was president of the San Diego Jewish Genealogical Society, I got mail addressed to “San Diego Jewish Geological Society” as if there were Jewish rocks here! And I friend of my mother’s told her, “You must be so proud of your daughter being a doctor.” My mother said I wasn’t a doctor and she answered, “But I thought she was a gynecologist.” So I guess some people just don’t know our avocation as well as we think!


Years ago the Ozarks Genealogical Society contracted with Tiger Coaches to take a group to the Dallas Public Library. On the last day as we were about to head home, the coach driver told us what a great group we had been and said the company had told him he was picking a bunch of gynecologists.


I remember the late Brian Gilchrist speaking at a conference, and referring to “The Society of Anarchists and Gynecologists. I miss his humour. (I’m Canadian.)


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