MacFamilyTree 8.1 – New CloudTree offers Collaboration and Sync

The following announcement was written by Synium Software, producers of the very popular MacFamilyTree genealogy program for Macintosh, iPhone, and iPad:

December 2, 2016 – Mainz, Germany – Synium is proud to announce a huge update for MacFamilyTree, their popular genealogy app to discover your family history. Version 8.1 answers the frequently asked question “How can I work on my family tree and do genealogical research with other family members?” – and does it in a unique way . MacFamilyTree 8.1 introduces CloudTree Sync&Share – powerful, one of its kind, and free for all users of MacFamilyTree 8.1.


CloudTree Sync&Share creates a revolution in digital genealogy. No other service provides such speedy synchronization across any number of devices – directly from within the app, at no additional cost, and in line with the highest data protection standards. The iPhone and iPad version of MacFamilyTree, called MobileFamilyTree, has been updated to, offering the same set of features.

Real-time collaboration and Sync:
MacFamilyTree 8.1 for Mac and MobileFamilyTree 8.1 for iPhone and iPad come with the brand new CloudTree feature – it is now possible for the first time to work on the same family tree with any number of users and in real time, without any additional cost. All changes to your tree will be transferred and available to all other users invited by you within a few seconds. Apple is known for its highest-level data protection standards. CloudTree operates in compliance with these very standards.

Sync via CloudTree – and still have all your information stored locally:
Although all entries are synced via CloudTree, all your information is still available locally on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, allowing you to continue your genealogical research when your device is offline. CloudTree will automatically sync any changes once you reconnect to the Internet.

Sync in record time:
Instead of having to sync the complete document, CloudTree allows you to sync only the changes you’ve made to it. While this may sound like an obvious feature to many users, it is not. In the past, iCloud had to upload and download the complete file. However, going forward, if you enter a person event, CloudTree will sync only this one item. Get ready for a dramatically accelerated syncing experience requiring very little data transfer. This allows you to easily sync your data over mobile networks as well.

MacBook Pro 2016 and Touch Bar Support:
You surely heard about the new MacBook Pro. It offers the new Touch Bar which allows every application to display a context sensitive toolbar right above the keyboard. MacFamilyTree 8.1 comes with full Touch Bar support assisting you to navigate between sections, quickly jumping back to the previously opened section and adding relatives with a single finger tap.

Other new features in version 8.1

  • Improved place selection and management
  • Better Web Site export performance
  • Improved configuration of the Kinship report
  • Timeline chart can now be filtered using Smart Filters
  • Place list can now be sorted by state, county and country
  • Many new Smart Filter options added
  • Sidebar list in the Interactive Tree, Charts and Reports can now be collapsed on iPads

Until December 4th, MacFamilyTree as well as MobileFamilyTree are offered with a 50% discount. This means that you can purchase MacFamilyTree 8.1 for just $29.99 and MobileFamilyTree 8.1 for $9.99 (USD). If you own MacFamilyTree 8 or MobileFamilyTree 8, the upgrade to Version 8.1 is available at the App Store and Mac App Store free of charge.

MacFamilyTree 8.1 and MobileFamilyTree 8.1 are available exclusively at the Mac App Store and App Store. MacFamilyTree 8.1 requires a Mac with OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher – macOS 10.12 Sierra is recommended. MobileFamilyTree 8.1 requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8 or later – iOS 10 is recommended. Using CloudTree requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or iOS 10 and a free Apple iCloud account.

MacFamilyTree 8.1
Download Demo
Purchase and Download (MAS)

Synium Software GmbH has been developing software exclusively for the Mac since 2005 and for the iPhone since 2008. The products range from productivity applications to multimedia software and iPhone and iPad applications. All Material and Software (C) 2005-2016 Synium Software GmbH / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


I’m intrigued. I’ve been reading upur blog for a few years but have not ever embarked on a formal genealogy project using any kind of software. However, I have been pondering adopting software to manage a history monograph project I am researching which involves numerous generations of a family as they migrated through the northeast.

Can you tell me: Does this software allow the user to manage separate, unrelated trees? If I’m taking the leap I’d like to have the ability to use it for my own family, too. And we are entirely unrelated to the family which is the subject of my book research.


Does this sync with Ancestry?


    —>Does this sync with Ancestry?


    At this time, the only program that synchronizes data with is Family Tree Maker, both the Windows and Macintosh versions. In addition, RootsMagic has announced that it will add synchronization with soon. See for details.

    No other genealogy programs have the capability to sync with


Have been using this program for several years now and love it. Regular updates and responsive customer service.


While the software is overall the best for Mac Cloud Sync is not ready for prime time. On my primary tree (~89000 individuals) 12+ hours was not enough to complete a first sync and subsequent ones spawn verification processes that take many hours (seldom completed because I won’t wait 4 hours or more with the mac up and active).


Rembert Oldenboom April 16, 2017 at 4:07 pm

Appearantly my familytree is way too large to allow sharing with other users. I have over 12.000 persons in my familytree, but the sharing limits are set to 5000. I actually consider my familytree to be rather small. So why would I use CloudTree instead of just iCloud sync? I actually cannot figure out how to move back to iCloud sync. I’m a bit lost here. Is my database in danger now as I do exceed the limits? Or is CloudTree just the same as the old iCloud sync with some extra benefits for those who happen to have smaller familytrees?


    As I understand it your database is fine, but you can only share 5000 records. It was not of value to me, and with 90000+ records the sync was driving me nuts. I did migrate back to iCloud storage, but I had to email support to ask how. They are very helpful. I don’t think you really need to change back as long as the performance is acceptable


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