Seth Meyers’ Family History

Seth Meyers, host of NBC’s “Late Night” television program, recently interviewed his parents and brother on his television program. The conversation turned to the Meyers family history. It seems that Seth may have taken a few liberties with the facts concerning his ancestry.

You can watch a video of the family history discussion at in the video below or at:


Seth Meyers is an ass and I wouldn’t believe anything he says. He thinks he’s funny, but I’ve got news for him – he ISN’T!


Beadfreak, that’s a lot of hostility lobbed against a professional comedian who, in all likelihood, you’ve never met. In case you skipped the video and missed the point, the post is supposed to be humorous. The “taking liberties” incident happened when he was in seventh grade and had a project on family history. He decided to invent details to make it interesting and when he was caught by his mother–who was then one of the other teachers at his school–he said, “what are they gonna do, fact check?” Not sure why something so innocuous garnered such a nasty response.

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I could just picture his madly typing up this “masterpiece” late into the night, letting his 12? year old mind rerunning all the movies he had ever seen, and choosing fun characters as his ancestors. Many years later his parents thought it was hilarious in retrospect. I know I laughed my head off. A champion Olympic equestrian, wow! Loosen up, folks, he was a very young adolescent acting like a very young adolescent.

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Makes me wonder if beadfreak’s politics are showing.

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Jeraldene Bloom Stephenson December 3, 2016 at 12:57 pm



It’s always a fine line – to correct, for instance your husband’s “story” about something with wild embellishments or to make “corrections” of actual facts. Trick is not to let stories override the facts. I’ve spent years trying to chase down family lore and made up facts.


He’s a comedian. I thought it was funny! I like comedians who make me laugh as we all need to have something to laugh about these days . . .


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