A New Product: GedSite creates Professional-Quality Web Sites from GEDCOM Files

I suspect this announcement will cause a lot of interest. John Cardinal, well-known for developing Second Site software for use with The Master Genealogist (TMG), has now released a brand-new Windows product called GedSite and is selling it at a modest price. I predict GedSite will be a winner; very popular within the genealogy community.

GedSite builds on the technology developed for Second Site but adds a lot of new features. First, it accepts GEDCOM files for data input. (All modern genealogy programs can create GEDCOM files.) Next, GedSite can create gorgeous web sites to upload to the Internet or to share with relatives privately via flash drives, CD disks, or other removable media or via cloud-based file storage.

The following announcement was written by John Cardinal, CEO of Family History Hosting, LLC:

New tool for genealogists is fast and flexible, and sites can be published on the web or shared privately

gedsite_logoNorth Andover, MA – December 4, 2016 – Family History Hosting, LLC is pleased to announce GedSite, a must-have tool for any genealogist creating web sites from GEDCOM files. GedSite provides many of the features of Second Site, a web site builder also published by Family History Hosting for genealogy projects managed by The Master Genealogist (TMG).

“For more than a decade, genealogists have been asking me to publish a program to produce high-quality web sites from GEDCOM data,” said John Cardinal, CEO and Founder of Family History Hosting. “I’ve learned directly from our customers that they want the features and ease-of-use of Second Site, my popular web site builder for TMG, but for GEDCOM files. I am glad to offer GedSite in response to those requests.”

GedSite’s fast and flexible importer handles standard GEDCOM records as well as application-specific GEDCOM extensions for popular genealogy applications. GedSite includes the unique ability to interpret sentence templates from Family Historian, Legacy, and RootsMagic GEDCOM files, and provides its own sentence templates for GEDCOM files from source applications that do not support them.

Some of Second Site’s innovative features, such as Tag Sets, are also available in GedSite. Tag Sets allow users to group and customize the display of records based on the record type. For example, birth, marriage, and death records might be displayed in a narrative paragraph, while census data is displayed in a table or list.

GedSite creates HTML pages that can be published on the web or shared privately via removable media or cloud-based file storage. Genealogists who do not plan to share their research via a web site will find GedSite useful for personal use: reviewing an unpublished site is easy and provides an all-encompassing view of lineage, names, events, places, citations, sources, and media exhibits.

GedSite 1 was released in late November. Family History Hosting is committed to providing frequent updates to respond to customer feedback and implement more of Second Site’s acclaimed feature set in GedSite. Updates will be free for existing GedSite 1 customers for at least the next twelve months.

For more information about GedSite, see the product homepage at http://www.gedsite.com. To purchase a GedSite license, visit Family History Hosting’s software sales site at http://www.familyhistoryhosting.com/oc.

About Family History Hosting, LLC
Family History Hosting LLC was founded in 2007 to provide first-class web hosting services for genealogists and family historians, and to publish genealogy software focused on web site creation.


It would be nice to see some example sites. If there were example links on the GS GedSite web site I haven’t found them yet.


    Rich, GedSite has only been publicly available for two weeks, and there aren’t a lot of public sites. I can share some URLs with you, but I’d prefer to do so privately because I do not have permission to share them publicly. I don’t think permission would be withheld, but I haven’t been told its OK. Contact me via JFCardinal on GMail.

    Sites made with GedSite are very similar to sites made with Second Site. There is a list of user-created sites here: http://ss.johncardinal.com/examples.htm


    Thanks for the link, John.


I’m glad it wasn’t just me that couldn’t find sample websites. Plus, in my opinion, the GedSite web page, itself, isn’t very attractive. It’s a very 1990’s looking site.


I am a long time user of Second Site with TMG and I am still using both. It is a very powerful site builder and I expect this product will be as similar as John can make it. It does seem he spends his effort on the product more than his web site. The best examples are actually done by Terry Reigel. See the sites:


Your genealogy articles are great, but, when you bring in your IT expertise, I’m really a happy camper. I’ve been publishing my family tree website for over 5 years, using a combination of Dropbox, an app called droppages and an excellent free gedcom to HTML converter – http://www.oxy-gen-soft.net/index_en.php. Ill be trying Gedsite today.
My cost for Dropbox is $10/month not a great amount, but every dollar counts at age 76. So, between this application and your recent article on pCloud which I’m now using and liking, I will save $5/month.
pCloud doesn’t allow synchronization of single files, but putting such files in a sub-folder vercomes this issue.
I’m synchronizing my Family Tree Maker database and media file folder (about 3000 files) on pCloud. I tried to run the application against the pCloud virtual drive version of the database, but the application kept on failing with the potential of corrupting the database. I have a very fast Internet connection and I’m not blaming pCloud – it could be the FTM application, but space on my disk drive is not an issue. Plus, it’s another copy, which makes me feel more secure.




OMG this is so exciting! This may be enough to get me off TMG and on to one of the others. I couldn’t bear to give up my Second Site website. Thank you John!


Not very impressed with the product website – very basic – would have to see examples of finished websites before committing. The email address button for John does not work on the product website.


    Ed, here are some URLs to sites created by GedSite users:
    Regarding the GedSite home page, I am not sure what you regard as “basic”. The GedSite home page avoids some practices that I find annoying but are common today, such as filling up the main page with large headings and images. Those push the content “below the fold” so that you have to scroll before you read any of the text. The GedSite home page loads quickly because it doesn’t use a lot of external references that must be downloaded separately. Regarding the way it looks, well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    If the email link didn’t work for you, you probably do not have your email client configured to respond to “mailto:” links. That’s a common problem for people using GMail and other web-based email clients.


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