Beware of the Transparency Market Research Report Now Available: “Genealogy Products and Services Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024”

It is difficult to measure the size of the genealogy marketplace. Obviously, genealogists spend millions of dollars every year, but nobody seems to know how many millions. Now Transparency Market Research (TMR) has issued a report claiming to measure the marketplace. However, a quick glance at the company’s announcement of the report raises more questions than it answers.

TMR states that the report, titled Genealogy Products and Services Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024, offers a comprehensive overview of the genealogy market. It focuses on the growth of the global genealogy products and services market across various geographical and application segments and the factors influencing it. The description goes on and on describing the “genealogy products and services market.” However, the description of the report seems to focus mostly on DNA testing and then gives some passing remarks about traditional (non-DNA) genealogy research, such as looking at original records on paper, microfilm, or computer screens.

The announcement of the report states:

“Rapidly increasing interest towards genealogy is the primary driver of the global genealogy products and services market. Various studies suggest that nearly 95,000 new tests for genealogy are performed every year worldwide. The adoption of genealogy products and services is higher in western countries. However, the increasing adoption in developing countries is opening new avenues for service providers. Moreover, linking several genealogical services with social media such as Google plus and Facebook is likely to generate increased consumer interest towards genealogy testing. Furthermore, the continuous innovations in technology are equipping genealogy consumers with advanced tools for genealogical research. This factor is propelling the growth of the global market.

“On the flip side, the most common concerns about genealogy products and services are regarding their cost and privacy. A genealogy test user has to spend as much as US$18,000 in a year to trace their family history or family tree. Moreover, several companies retain results and samples for their own use without any privacy agreement signed with subjects.”

“Tests for genealogy?” Genealogists performed genealogy research for years without ever having a “test.” The only “testing” for genealogy I know of has been a new development in the past few years, testing of DNA. Even so, that is only a subset of the genealogy marketplace.

The announcement also states: “Some of the key players in the global genealogy products and services market are, DNAPrint Genomics Inc., Family History Library, Familybuilder, Family Tree DNA,,,, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, and WorldVitalRecords.”

Note the words “key players.”

The list seems odd as:

DNAPrint Genomics Inc. is a small company that most genealogists never heard of.

Familybuilder was a little-known software app, not a genealogy service, and its web site at appears to be offline. I believe it went offline several years ago although I cannot find the date right now. has not been an independent company for 13 years, having been bought out by and merged into in 2003. In fact, the web site at is no longer active, having been converted to a “read-only” website, according to the site’s home page. changed the company’s name to several years ago but kept the old web site online for a while. The web site was eventually shut down on September 30, 2014.

Rootsweb ceased to exist as an independent organization 16 years ago, having been acquired by  and merged into (now known as in 2000.

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation used to be in the genealogy DNA business but canceled its genealogy services several years ago and dropped out of the business. The assets of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation were acquired by AncestryDNA in March 2012. The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation web site continued for a while but was finally shut down in May, 2015.

WorldVitalRecords is no longer an independent company. Instead, it is now a subsidiary of MyHeritage. However, as a division of MyHeritage, it still publishes records of interest to genealogists.

So much for a report that “offers insights into the profiles of key players along with their business strategies.”

You can learn more about TMR’s Global Strategic Business report. Genealogy Products and Services Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024, at:

You can also purchase your own copy of the report for “only” $5,216. No, that is not a misprint. They are selling this “comprehensive overview of the market” for five thousand two hundred sixteen American dollars.

Based on the errors and questionable statements in the report’s announcement, I am not recommending anyone purchase this report offering a “comprehensive overview of the market” when, in fact, many of the so-called “key players in the global genealogy products and services market” as listed in the report’s announcement have been defunct for years. Didn’t the authors of this “report” even check the web sites of the companies they listed as “key players in the global genealogy products and services market”?

Apparently not.

I would think that the authors of a “report” that has the words “2016 – 2024” in the title would have at least checked each company’s web page to see if each company was still in business.

You can see the announcement for the “report” for yourself at: and at:


Thanks for sharing and analysis – who’d even this of paying over $5000 for a report?


Sounds like a scam to me. Bet you don’t even get a report for the $5000+.


    you WILL get the PDF report by email, but I guarentee you, you will wish you didn’t. The file content is nonsense, all made up garbage that any idiot could come up with, with a 20 minute internet search. How do I know, the company I work for bought one (obviously not the same report that would interest you, but it doesnt matter. Its obvious they are fake).


I have noticed articles in the WSJ have referred to TMR. Makes me question whether I want to renew my subscription to WSJ. I’d like to see what the WSJ would write on the genealogy market if they used this report.


Wasn’t the Wall Street Journal bought by Fox News or it’s parent company?


Market research about the industry I retired from always had serious errors like these. We used to laugh at how bad they were.


What Were They Thinking?
I have a comment for every line in their report! $18,000? A year? Really? If that were released on April 1st it would have been enjoyable.


When I saw this article, I was hoping someone had put the full report online and you were going to link to it! Dah! I have seen this report advertised in previous years. In the right hands it can be successfully used to grow a genealogy business.


    After reading what Mr. Eastman posted and commented I don’t see how the report could be used to grow a genealogy business. You need accurate information to make business plans. Obviously this is not accurate and I doubt the $5000 report would be much more accurate.


Worrying if people believe this. There are enough people out there already who think professional genealogists and genealogy companies are out to rip them off.


This is a classic boilerplate release from the market research industry trying to drum up interest in funding a market background report. Typically, a (to borrow your words, Dick, which are both convenient and accurate) “…a small company that most genealogists never heard of…” wants to drum up some growth capital so they go to a company offering to partially fund some research into the potential market. Feel free to change the word, genealogists, to suit the discipline. Odds are there are a few more companies who’ll cough up five grand apiece to maybe get a few nice PR paragraphs on the amazing growth potential that will (coincidentally) boost their fortunes as well. If enough sign up and pay, the sponsoring company will actually start the research, and in 6 months or so issue “advance copies” to the sponsors. 6-6 months later the research itself will be excerpted with some good quotes send out to trade and financial media. Then the report will go on sale for $10G – $20G. It will be of questionable provenance and use, but it’ll make some folks some money. These come out probably every day.


The only positive thing I can see is that any business person dim enough to spend $5K + on this report won’t be cluttering up the genealogy market for too long. Thanks Dick for an insightful analysis as always.


Looking at their contact page, locations are in Albany New York and Salt Lake INDIA….

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    I am told if you call their Customer Service department to order a report or to ask questions, you get connected to person with a very strong Indian accent who seems to know nothing about the report but is very willing to take your order.

    Disclaimer: That is what another newsletter reader told me after calling the number to complain. I haven’t tried it myself.


Unfortunately, I can totally support every skeptical comment in this article and the comments. I was duped into buying a $1,000 report after being shown a sample outline and chapter contents that purported to measure the market for water reuse & recycling. There are water companies that also do this type of analysis but charged for more for additional international research I didn’t need. Knowing the water market was complicated but believing TMR had an understanding of it, I bought in. What a mistake! The first set of “data” they sent me was clearly inaccurate. I had an idea of the total market but wanted it broken down by sector (which they said they could do). Their total market size was a fraction of established estimates. There was no methodology or explanation attached. When I called them on this, they revised the data and sent a “methodology” document, the grammar and punctuation of which belied challenges with the English language. At a glance, even a water novice could tell the data was still incorrect. For example, TMR believed the municipal market to account for 9% of the total when clearly municipalities represent the large market for water reuse & recycling in the US. I was promised a refund when I pointed out they had been unable to fulfill their end of the contract. Their salesperson agreed, both verbally and in an email; however over one month later, nothing has been paid back and I cannot get anyone to provide any written confirmation that a refund transaction was ever initiated. Transparency Market Research’s offerings are scams that should be avoided at all costs!


    So many of these Scambags out there. My personal experience mirrors what you say except this report was something like 4000 Euro (ouch). The supplier was Qyresearch, mass market template fillers. Its a global crime operation.


Agreed: Total scam.

I bought a consumer products report from Transparency Market Research. The headline sounded good and the table of contents looked promising but the report was nonsense. Full of mistakes, typos, and contradictory data from page to page. So bad that it was effectively useless in our company. They refused to refund and made weak attempts to fix the specific mistakes that I pointed out, basically by Googling data and hoping that I’d be satisfied.

Stay away from this company.


if you want to see 120,000 or more different fake reports, covering everything you can possible thing of (and more) then checkout Qyresearch whose bogus $5000 reports eminate from China, but you can find the same crap coming from India or bogus fake offices in countries like USA, UK, Germany … but they are postal addresses only. The phone numbers dont work, the addresses have no people present. The company I work for (fill in the blank word as you see fit) ******* bought one and I reviewed it as an expert in that subject. It was 100% fake. They have a long template document and populate it with a few bits and pieces and ridiculous unsubstantiated numbers, stats and made up stuff. You buy it and you CANNOT get a refund. When the PDF file arrives in 3 minutes you know you have bought 186 pages of fake news and you have no come back. Your money is in a Chinese bank account in Shanghai and you are left humiliated and seriously (I mean 5 grand!) out of pocket. NEVER BUY anything like this. There is a cancer spread of these companies selling reports just the same ones, syndicated selling. I believe the software is American based (I mean the web building and tools) but the users are from China mainly. QYRESEARCH. Go to their website, have a play and phone their regional office in your country. Google maps the address of the office.


Sadly I fell for another scam by HTF Market Intelligence. I paid over USD 6 k, and received a terrible report. During the proposal stage the table of contents looked promising but the ultimate report delivery was pathetic.

They claim to be based in USA, and when you call them you get sales people with heavy Indian accents answering calls, with no knowledge of the industry.

The statistics in the report were clearly inaccurate, and the grammer was laughable.

I attempted to reach out to them for a refund after receiving a poor quality report, and they keep avoiding calls. Avoid them at all costs.


    I recommend you report them to the FBI using the online site, cyber crime. They always pretend to be an American or UK company or whatever, but you can easily find the address is fake, doesnt exist or is just a residential. They are Chinese or Indian scammers every time. NEVER BUY.


    Harrass them on social media … I did and still do a lot. I demanded a refund, they gave me half therefore I dont stop to flag them. I want full refund, plus 100% compensation for my irritation and then … I’ll stop. Don’t worry, they have no legal jurisiction in your country, they pay NO TAXES for sure. I checked UK one, and the so called account had a dormant status. The money goes straight to China banks.


All these so called market research companies based in India are all providing reports that have zero value, written by people who have absolutely no knowledge about the industry they cover. These reports provides limited and useless information, publishing hundreds to thousands of reports on all kind of subjects simply throwing numbers that they have automatically generated by Googling, always making optimistic and unsupported projections, then publishing daily press releases. You can check through Google and realize that they use hundreds of fake news websites to publish press releases that promote their reports and when you check the website you can realize that the authors are all fake.
Next time you would like to invest in any market report, whatever is the topic, ask first the CV of the author. This will give you a better insight to its value than the table of content or the number of pages.
There are several well-known companies that provide reports on different industries, generally they specialized in one industry or a market segment, but no one is able to cover thousands of reports in a year like those guys in India, it just does not make sense.


If you want to have a good laugh check out employee review websites. I feel really sorry for the “analysts” working there.


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