Old Tombstone’s Journey back to Nebraska

The purchase of a tombstone from an antiques store led a California artist on a journey to find its rightful place. Alexandra Grant bought the marker in Buffalo, Wyoming, in 2000. Etched on the tombstone was the name Lena Davis, a girl who died on July 19, 1880. The stone, she was told, was from a ranch in eastern Wyoming. The story turned out to be wrong but Alexandra Grant solved the mystery anyway. Even better, she returned the tombstone to its rightful place.


Alexandra Grant thought of herself as the tombstone’s caretaker until she decided it needed to be back in the public realm. That decision resulted in her discovering, through a connection of people she normally wouldn’t have ever met, that the tombstone was stolen from the rural Pleasant Home Cemetery in Polk County in the 1940s.

You can read this heartwarming story in an article by Julie Blum in the Columbus (Nebraska) Telegram at https://goo.gl/xixtWR.


It is often said you are alive as long as their are people who can remember you. Taking this a step further, I often feel that as I discover ancestors and relatives in my genealogy research I am, in a certain sense, resurrecting them. They have a second life in the pages I generate. This story was especially meaningful and poignant to me, because when I discover a relative’s tombstones who died at such a young age it tugs at my heart strings as I resurrect this long forgotten child.

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Great great great! Just a minor item — I didn’t see mentioned easily what state the cemetery was in. I had to hunt for it. Thanks.


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