Looking for Relatives of World War II Purple Heart and Silver Star Recipient Robert Entzminger

This a strange story: Goodwill is looking for the family of a man whose war medals were donated to Goodwill. I would think genealogists should be especially good at this sort of detective work. Can you help?

Goodwill employees recently were sorting through bags of donated material when they were surprised to discover Silver Star for heroism and a Purple Heart for wounds received on the battlefield, In this case, the medals’ recipient died of his woulds.

The name of the medals was that of Robert Entzminger. The folks at Goodwill quickly researched that name and found that Entzminger was a U.S. Army second lieutenant killed fighting in Belgium during World War II. Crossfire caught him on his third day in battle. Entzminger attended Clemson University, but little else is known about him or who his closest family or friends might be.

Goodwill would like to return the medals to Entzminger’s family. Can you help?

A news story and video on the NBCwashington.com web site at https://goo.gl/5RyKn9 will provide the background information.


Argh! If only I could recall the name and web site of a man that devotes time to reuniting these medals and their owners descendants….it was on the Internet somewhere this year!


His full name was Robert Ogden Sanders Entzminger and he is buried in Florence National Cemetery in South Carolina. He was born on 21 Jun 1922 and died 7 Mar 1945.

His parents were Robert Sanders Entzminger and Eleanor Ogden Entzminger. He was the step-son of Charlotte Louise Hearst Entzminger. He also had a brother John N. Entzminger, Sr. who was probably John Nelson Entzminger as that was their paternal grandfather’s name.

According to the 1988 obituary for John N. Entzminger, Sr.; John was survived by his wife, Josephine Marshall Entzminger; two sons, Leslie R. Entzminger and John N. Entzminger, Jr.; and a daughter, Eleanor Jo Entzminger Parks (wife of Jerry Parks).

Leslie R. Entzminger also died in 1988. Josephine Marshall Entzminger died in 2000. According to the 2000 obituary for Josephine Marshall Entzminger her surviving son, John N. Entzminger was living in Oakton, Fairfax County, Virginia and her daughter, Eleanor Jo Extaminger Parks was living in Salley, Aiken County, South Carolina.

I’ve not be able to find anything more recent than 2000 for the family. Hopefully Goodwill will be able to track Robert Ogden Sanders Entzminger’s family down. According to his 1945 obituary he was a graduate of Hartsville High School, Class of 1939, in Hartsville, Darlington County, South Carolina. He also was a graduate of North Georgia Junior College in Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia. He had completed two years at Clemson, too.

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There is a Robert O Entzminger listed at the WW II Memorial Registration for the National Memorial in Washington DC. This Robert was a 2 Lt from Darlington County SC and did die from his wounds. He was in the US Army. There is an Entzminger family today in Bishopville SC.



Is a website dedicated to returning medals.



The Goodwill Facebook page says “Update: The mystery medals are finally back where they belong! After News4 heard about a Purple Heart and Silver Star belonging to a WWII vet that had turned up at a local Goodwill, we ran a story last week to try to track down the rightful owners. The next day, we heard from the vet’s great nephew Robert, who was relieved to hear the medals had been found. And today, Robert’s wife Kim and his daughter Brittany got the medals back from the CEO of Goodwill. So great to see this story have a happy ending!”


I hope the relatives are found, good luck to Goodwill and thanks for sharing


A local Scranton, PA auctioneer recently came up with a box of stuff
and in it was a WWII Purple Heart Certificate for a guy from Schenectady, NY.
One of my high school friends works for the state of New York and
lives in Schenectady and his wife works with wills and trusts.
I was able to get info for one of his nephews.


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