Two Baby Boys are Twins, but an Italian Court Says They Aren’t Brothers

Try entering this into your genealogy database! Fifteen months ago in California, a surrogate mother gave birth to twin boys. The babies were the sons of a gay Italian couple who had used in vitro fertilization to have children. But when the two men returned to Milan with their newborns, a clerk at the registry office refused to transcribe the babies’ birth certificates, barring the men from registering the boys as their legal children.

Actually, that part isn’t news. After all, similar situations have occurred before. However, the Italian courts then issued a strange ruling: Despite being twins, the court said, the two boys aren’t brothers!

Details may be found in an article by Anna Momigliano in the Washington Post at:

My thanks to newsletter reader Linda Morgan Clark for telling me about this story.


It is unclear whether the two sperm samples came from each male, but the article seems to assume that. Inexpensive DNA testing will prove the fatherhood anyway. If one male donor proves to be the father, then they would be twins…instead of….?


Technically, the twins are half-brothers (same mother, different father), not step-brothers as the article says.


Easy. They’re half-brothers.
Record the birth mother and birth fathers.
Include any legal declarations in the notes/comments sections.




The judge’s real name is Trump


Too bad the human race has not followed the millennia old practice of a woman and man as the ideal foundation block for a successful civilization.


What is OART?


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