Oklahoma Birth and Death Record Indexes are now Online

oklahoma_deathOk2Explore is a free searchable index of births and deaths that occurred in the state of Oklahoma. Included is limited information on births occurring more than 20 years ago and deaths occurring more than 5 years ago. Visitors to the site may search the index using any combination of the subject’s name, date of event (birth or death), county of event, and sex of the subject.

The web site is available to everyone free of charge. However, keep in mind the site contains INDEXES, not all the information from these records. Once you have determined that a record of interest is on file, you are welcome to apply for a certified copy of that file. The certified copies cost money but do include all available information from the original records.

You can access the new Oklahoma State Vital Records Index at https://ok2explore.health.ok.gov.

My thanks to newsletter reader Vicki Prough for telling me about his new online resource.


At Last, a degree of sensibility from the Politicians and the Good state of Oklahoma. Fantastic news.


It’s not all that useful, nor is it user friendly. You have to use the EXACT name of the person as they have indexed it in order to find the record. If any of the information you put in the search form does not match EXACTLY then you can’t find the record. The alternative is to use the * wildcard symbol with first initials for the first and middle name, only one number in the date field (month), and leave out all the location information except the county (if you know it). The results, of course, will yield more individuals than you need. And since you can’t view the actual document, you’ll have to buy all the copies for $15 just to figure out which one (or none) you need.


It should be noted that the death index does not extend back into the territorial period; it begins in 1908. Hence the record for my great grandfather, who died in Bartlesville in 1906, does not appear. Fortunately, there are other resources available; I have his probate file.


This is a wonderful step in the right direction for genealogists. Way to go Oklahoma! To get the system improved we might find it helpful to praise the government officials responsible, along with constructive suggestions for ways to make it better. I have found some “lost” relatives and some missing dates today on my first encounter with the website although I am sure there are some I am not able to pull up because of spelling variations, etc. It certainly is better than what was formerly available.


The list is not complete. Spelling my surname of choice completely, no given name or dates, gave 7 deaths out of at least 24 I found in a specific county and within their time span in my database. Using just the first four letter of the surname with an ‘*’ does not help much. Very disappointing and as mentioned the price is out of sight


I agree that this is a great first step ,thank you Oklahoma, certainly the cost of documents is high, but not as high as many other states,and far less expensive than travel, lodging and meals on the road.


Have to concur with what others have said above. Did a last name search and it says “Your search terms were too broad and matched 13 records.” Okay, I can see if it said 100+ or more. But 13…really??


Found myself, my Grandmother and my Great Grandfather quite easily. Looks like I can’t order my Grandmother’s birth certificate since I’m not the subject nor her “authorized agent” (she died in 2004), but it looks like since my Great Grandfather was born more than 125 years ago (1888) I’ll be able to get that one.


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