Another Funny Obituary: Kay A. Heggestad

There have been a number of humous obituaries lately. The latest is for Kay A. Heggestad of Madison, Wisconsin:

Kay Ann Heggestad, age 72, bought the farm, is no more, has ceased to be, left this world, is bereft of life, gave up the ghost, kicked the bucket, murió, c’est fini. She died on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, after a wimpy non-battle with multiple myeloma, a nasty bone marrow cancer, after almost two years to the date of diagnosis. No one should say she fought a courageous battle, because she did not! Unlike most folks, she complained all the way. What a whiner! She was ready to quit treatment many times but her family pushed her to continue, which was good since she then had time to have parties and say good-bye to friends and relatives.

You can read the entire obit at

My thanks to newsletter reader Roberta Martin for telling me about this obituary.

I think I need to start writing my own obituary now in order to make sure it says exactly what I want to convey. How about yours?


Lovely tribute to a remarkable lady!


I encourage everyone to read the rest of the obituary. What a hoot! I wish i had met this remarkable woman.


Mine is basically written – who else can you trust to mention everything you want in it.
I do like the 2nd one here as well. Her family obviously loved her very much and just wanted everyone to know why they did.
Most interesting and it would have been great to know someone like that.
Thanks for sharing, Dick.


I am so glad I read both parts of this obit and like the others who have commented, wish I had met this lovely woman. I laughed but also have a tear in my eye. Thanks to Roberta for passing on the link and Dick for posting it.


She sounded like a wonderful lady, especially if you did things her way. IL have always been that way to some extent. I have written my autobiography, so that can be my obit. Thanks for posting this Dick

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Wow, what a woman. Reading her obit brought tears…remarkable.
I do think it’s a wonderful idea to write your own obit and I might just do that!


How funny! At first I thought, who’d write that??? Then I read the whole thing – it was a great tribute to an obviously funny lady! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for this! I’ve always had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right when an obit states that someone died after “waging a courageous battle with cancer”, and was so glad to see Judy’s humorous take on that point. The fight with a disease like cancer is very much asymmetrical – cancer will do what it will do, often even in the face of the best medical interventions. I say this as the beneficiary of the wisdom of my doctor, who waged the battle against leukemia on my behalf, and won. Thanks, Dr. James Heckman!
Ordinarily I wouldn’t comment in a forum like this, but I was moved when I read Judy’s birthdate and realized that it was mine also – month, date, year.

What a gal! Rest in peace, Judy.


A life truly well lived! Wish I could have known her. We should all be so lucky to have a life such as hers.


I believe the sign of a good obituary is that when you finish reading it, you feel like you knew the person and Kay’s obituary was definitely one of those. I wrote an obituary for a friend who loved pie and mentioned that in the obit – “Roy never met a pie he didn’t love”. The minister read the obit as part of the memorial and people started laughing and shaking their heads in agreement. A person’s little quirks are what make them what they are and they should be part of their final story.


What a fantastic obituary! Read every word and couldn’t help but admire this lovely and very intelligent lady.


Years ago I had a book of funny headstones. A simple and memorable one was: “I told you I was sick”.


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