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heredis_graphicHeredis is a powerful genealogy program for both Windows and Macintosh that is very popular in Europe and in a number of other countries as well. You can see my earlier articles about Heredis by starting at:

Now the team that produces Heredis is asking customers and non-customers alike to answer some survey questions. The introduction to the survey says, “That’s why today we would like to get more insights on American genealogists so we can offer them the best family tree program.”

Here is your chance to help a company improve its product. The survey may be found at:


I took the survey. I also looked at the English version of the version 2015 video. As a die hard Brother’s Keeper user, I was thrilled with some of the features that I saw in the product.

However, digging deeper found it extremely frustrating that many of the English links on their web-site seemed to be broken and some things even from the English site popped up in French. In one place I found a button to test drive, but again got a broken link and never could find my way back to it. I did see that it looked like the product is $29.95 which seems to be a fair price but one of the things that keeps me a devoted BK fan is John Steed’s fantastic customer service. I would hate to give that up!

Then I seemed to get back into the French site and there seemed like several more options/levels available there, but of course all pricing was in Euros. Wasn’t able to determine what was up with the level structure there.

I guess my bottom line is if they want to get into the American market, they have to have flawless (or near flawless) interaction in English. Don’t get me wrong, I would feel the same way if an American company was trying to have a bigger footprint in France – it would have to communicate in the language of the audience.

The one thing that I loved the most was the group add of a source/event like a census record as well as the photo connections to individual records especially as it pertained to group photos. Really some pretty exciting stuff!


Gena Schachtschneider January 17, 2017 at 5:03 pm

Do you have a recommendation for a genealogy program that will work with and Mac?


    —> Do you have a recommendation for a genealogy program that will work with and Mac?

    The only one is Family Tree Maker for Macintosh.

    There are only two programs that work with Family Tree Maker for Windows and Family Tree Maker for Macintosh. A third program reportedly is developing an Ancestry interface but it is not yet available.


    Dick, did I read understand that Heredis does allow you to go directly to and grab source data from Ancestry? Then attach a copy of the document and even format your source text for you? That again is pretty cool — but a side note: I hate the way Ancestry formats there source information, I always redo it. I thought that looked like it was in the 2015 version and would not have to wait until the 2017 version. However again without a test drive, I’m just relying on their 9 minute video.


    —> Dick, did I read understand that Heredis does allow you to go directly to and grab source data from Ancestry?

    Not exactly.

    Heredis does extract data from a number of web sites, not just Ancestry. However, I would never say that it “grabs source data.”

    Details are provided at:


    Thanks Dick for your response to my question!


Another die-hard Brother’s Keeper user here. I took the survey, and I think the survey itself needs work to be understandable to the average non-tech person. For instance, the use of the term “solution” is IT-speak. Also, I did not know what was meant by a “media element”.


There were terms in the survey that I didn’t understand so I skipped those. Without a translated web site, I am not interested. Google translate does a good job but it’s time consuming to put the url in and then read the page translated. The product sounds like something I would use but it’s hard enough to teach myself something new without it being in a language I don’t understand. I realize I could learn but right now I’m learning German and that’s enough for an old woman. I have issues with and their software but I know how to use it and that is my default. I can spend my time researching or learning how to use new software. IF I would find French ancestors then I would be very interested in learning French. The only one I have found so far came on the Mayflower. All of that research has been done to the nth degree and I don’t need to do it.



The survey ended on a page that was entirely in French, and seemingly had no way of switching to English. As a courtesy of completing the survey it would be nice to offer new users a significant discount.



I purchased Heredis 2015 in early December after using the free IOS version and finding it to be quite intuitive and usable. I was especially interested because the developers indicated that data could be transferred between my IOS device and my desktop PC using WIFI, USB, or EMAILing GEDCOM files.

Exactly one week later I received an EMAIL announcing that the 2017 version would be out very soon. I wrote to ask whether I would be expected to pay for the new version since I had just purchased the software, and the response was that I would “get a discount.” I was not particularly pleased with this plan. Eventually, after chatting on the Heredis Facebook page, the developers advised that recent purchasers would receive a free upgrade. Those messages are no longer available on that page however.

Since then I have had no success at all trying to transfer data. I’ve been using computers since the early 1980s and have pretty decent skills. I have been involved in beta testing commercial database and management programs so have some smarts when it comes to identifying software issues and resolving them. I looked at their tutorial, but when I questioned the developers, I was told it was not relevant and I should use their online manual instead. Even resorting to RTFM was no help… the steps they describe for each and every kind of data transfer do not translate to any data actually being transferred.

I was directed to their online forum for assistance. Although I clearly had an account established when I purchased the software, I could not sign in. The developer assigned a new password, I was able to sign in one time, but when I tried the next time, my account could not be identified.

Since then it has been impossible to get any sort of a response from the developers.

Today I received an EMAIL announcing that the new 2017 version was available, with instructions to obtain it. After signing in to their purchase page, and applying the ‘voucher code’ that was in the EMAIL, they would send the download link “in a few minutes.”
I did this and my account was immediately identified. I did receive my purchase confirmation as well as the key to unlock the software. I did not receive the link to actually download it however.

I sent an EMAIL to let them know there was an issue. I received an EMAIL in response with a list of links to their help page. When I went to that page and clicked the option for orders and license issues, it led to a an error page “The website declined to show this webpage.” Yes, I EMAILed a screen shot to the developers so they can hopefully fix that. Whether or not I actually get the 2017 version to try remains to be seen.

… and so it goes. I would love to be able to do more with this software than just build a database on my PC. HEREDIS has the potential to be a very useful application. My take so far though is that the company is short handed, is not effectively dealing with issues that are reported to them, and needs more help from English speaking people before they try and crack this market.


HEREDIS has no customer support and I feel really ripped off by them! I opened the 2014 program recently and all my data files were gone! I’ve searched my MAC and nothing. However, the website HEREDIS created for me has all my data on it. I’ve tried to contact them many times with no answer. There must be someway I can retrieve my data from the Heredis website.


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