All New Chromebooks Will Run Android Apps

asus_flipChromebooks offer a lot of computing for very little money. Some Chromebooks cost less than $200. Spending a bit more money, however, results in faster performance, better displays, and better keyboards. The better Chromebooks cost $250 to $350 although a few may cost even more. When traveling, I normally carry my $200 Chromebook laptop with me and it does most everything I need to do. You can read my past articles about Chromebooks by starting at:

A few recent Chromebooks have been able to run both web-based apps as well as Android apps simultaneously. The new capability includes dozens of genealogy apps that were developed for Android. Now Google, the company that produces the Chrome operating system, has announced that ALL the new Chromebooks will be able to run Android apps and will have access to the Google Play Store, the marquee store for Android apps.

You can read a lot of details about the new Android capabilities of Chromebooks at and at

CAUTION: The announcement clearly states that all newly-released Chromebooks introduced in 2017 will be able to run Android apps. Older Chromebooks may or may not have the same capability. Even in 2017, if you purchase a brand-new Chromebook, you need to verify the capability. Many vendors will still be selling brand-new Chromebooks in 2017 that were INTRODUCED in 2016 or earlier.

Most manufactures sell laptops for 12 to 18 months before replacing them with an updated version. A manufacturer may have introduced a Chromebook laptop in late 2016 without the capability to run Android apps and then will continue to sell that model throughout 2017, possibly into 2018 as well. In fact, without the capability to run Android apps, the manufacturer will be tempted to drop the price significantly in order to flush out inventory and prepare for a new, updated model. Before purchasing anything, I would suggest you perform an online search of the new computer’s model number to find its specifications and make sure it is capable of running Android apps.

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