Sherwood Electronics Releases Upgrades to Branches for iPad, Branches FREE for iPad, Branches Pro for Mac and introduces Branches GAME for iPad

The following announcement was written by the folks at Sherwood Electronics:

Sherwood Electronics Laboratories, Inc. announces the release of upgrades to the Branches product line. Branches for iPad now includes FamilySearch™ Memories. Branches FREE for iPad has been upgraded with new features. Branches Pro for Mac now includes access to FamilySearch™ for downloading family tree information. Also released is Branches GAME for iPad, a FREE family tree matching game.

Branches for iPad now includes access to FamilySearch™ Memories. Photos, documents, and stories can be downloaded for offline viewing for any non-living person in FamilySearch.™ In addition, albums of memories can be downloaded for the currently signed on user. Memories can be enlarged for detailed viewing. Memories for unrelated non-living persons can also be downloaded. Many memories include documents which are helpful in researching pedigree lines.

Branches FREE for iPad now has the same look and feel as Branches for iPad, with new features now accessible for no charge. Upgrading to the Pro version of Branches for iPad can be done inside of the Branches FREE app.

Branches Pro for Mac, a full-featured record manager, now includes matching and downloading capabilities with FamilySearch™. Data (including LDS ordinances for LDS members) can be downloaded directly from the FamilySearch™ tree into your own private database. Matching allows you to match individuals in your private database with persons in the FamilySearch™ tree and download facts, events and ordinances for that person.

Branches GAME for iPad, a new FREE family tree matching game, has been released. This game will test your knowledge of your direct ancestors out to 5 generations. It is a great tool for teaching family members about their ancestors. Pedigrees can be downloaded from FamilySearch,™ including portraits of ancestors where available. Manual input of names in the tree is also supported for those who do not have access to FamilySearch™. (FamilySearch™ accounts are free and anyone can sign up for an account.)

Sherwood Electronics Laboratories, Inc. has been in business over 30 years and has developed numerous hardware and software products for the mainframe, mini and PC computer environments.

The products mentioned above may be found on the Sherwood Electronics Laboratories, Inc. web site at:


This is a great little program, especially if you have a big tree and especially if you want to see the relationship between two people via marriage and births and other convoluted paths. And it gives a overall 3D view of your tree or parts of your tree. I use it as a supplement to my basic daily program FamilyTreeMaker (the old user-friendly form).


All of a sudden my branches pro for iPad stopped working. I sign in to family search but nothing happens. Can’t upload my tree from family search. What do I do.


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