School Time Capsule Buried 25 Years Ago is Missing

This a bit of a follow-up to my Plus Edition article, (+) Save Something for Future Generations: Create a Time Capsule, published a bit more than a week ago at

Students and faculty at the Lieser School in Vancouver, Washington, buried a time capsule in 1992. It reportedly contained bits of memorabilia from that year. Instructions were left to open the time capsule in 25 years: 2017.


The time capsule was opened last week on January 27. Inside, Leiser School students and alumni found … nothing.

Yes, it was empty. School alumni who helped bury the time capsule when they were students in 1997 and also attended last week’s opening said they remembered putting bits of memorabilia from the time in it, including film strips, cassette tapes, class photos and pennants. The disappearance of those items remains a mystery.

I wonder how they planned to play the cassette tapes?

The school administrators still hope to bury a new capsule soon, to be opened in 2042.


So it wasn’t missing! It was empty!
Sack your headline writer – or have I missed something?
However. 25 years seems a little to soon to open a time capsule.


They’ll play the cassette tapes the same way that we’ll access data on DVDs in 25 years. Luckily, we will still be able to read good ole books then (unless they’re written in cursive, which will leave the millennials out.)


I still have a cassette tape player!


I also have a cassette player …. somewhere. Think it is obvious what happened, some kid or kids thought it would be funny to steal it probably shortly after it was put there.


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