Heredis 2017 for Windows and for Macintosh is Now Available

Heredis is a powerful genealogy program for both Windows and Macintosh that is very popular in Europe and in a number of other countries as well. You can see my earlier articles about Heredis by starting at:


Now the team that produces Heredis has announced a new update to the program is available today. The new version includes a number of improvements. Perhaps the most notable is the new “Dashboard.” Today’s announcement says (in part):

With the Dashboard, at a glance, genealogists know where they are: what they have already found and what they still have to do.

Like a real on board computer, genealogists conduct their genealogical activities very easily. They note their progression: the genealogical and demographic statistics give them valuable indications. Detailed information enables them to analyze their file in depth and to measure the progress of their work, to check the completeness of their sources, to identify what remains to be done and to identify goals. Also, genealogists can customize this workspace by following only the indicators or widgets they have chosen.


Mikael, a developer at Heredis, father of two toddlers but also a genealogist in his spare time, was constantly faced with the same problem: when he resumed his genealogy, he never knew how to find the thread. There was nothing that allowed him to know where he stopped the last time he had worked on his tree. So he devised a working list with a summary of everything he had already accomplished. He then updated that list as soon as he changed any information. He also annotated manually what he still had to do. This heavy and tedious work has therefore transformed into the Dashboard function.

The Heredis team worked for almost two years on this new tool: an internal working group devised the specifications. It was also confronted with a panel of users and then beta-testers. Today we have in our hands a successful tool and a major breakthrough.


Heredis is again, the only one and the first to have imagined such a tool. The future users of Heredis 2017 will undoubtedly appreciate it! Farewell to messing with to- do lists and scattered pieces of paper. Everything is centralized in Heredis. And only Heredis.

Other new features include:


File data can be scanned using combined search criteria. Genealogists find exactly what they are looking for. The editor comes to help with the construction of their request. Smart search is really useful.


Now, genealogists can make serial modifications, additions, deletions, markings on persons, events, notes … A concrete example: a genealogist wishes to work on his English ancestors and seeks to establish their descendants. Simply choose the corresponding criteria: a summary of the search was automatically entered as a sentence.


For example, it is easy to search all “St” and replace it with “Saint”. This tool can be combined with smart search and covers different headings such as notes, causes/ informations, or even health, place subdivision.


All inspired by Michel Demorest’s Filiatus® technology, new books are written to facilitate creation and creativity! New models are emerging such as the Patronymic Dictionary inspired by the famous genealogical dictionary of Quebec or the Clan model. The old models have been revised and improved.


Heredis 2017 collaborates with an iOS, an Android. File sharing allows you to have your tree on your phone, make changes on your tablet and find them on your computer.


We have focused on correcting and improving some existing features. Our users often share their requests for improvement. This is why we have introduced many improvements in the 2017 version. Here are some examples:

For both versions: added zoom in Online Archives, sheets improvement, interface improvement, added completion chip in summary, aded family number in the Immediate Family, when there are several marriages …

For the Windows version: improved font of notes, in immediate family and extended family: display of the county name, improvement of Gedcom …

For the Mac version: added occupations of spouses in descendant trees …

You can read the full announcement in a PDF file at:


That dashboard seems very promising from a project management standpoint. I just may consider upgrading!


How do the reports look? Anyone know? I downloaded to 2015 version and am using it in trial mode. It seemed to import my GEDCOM flawlessly PLUS synced back to my media which I could not believe possible. The interface is fantastic. I imported 8700+ individuals which I can seem to move around to pretty well — I have not figured out where the 50 person limitation comes in just yet from that standpoint. However I am giving this review after only 15 minutes on the product before going to bed last night. The one thing I did find that because it is the trial version, when I went to click on reports, a box would pop up and tell me they were not available because of the trial version. Not even an FGS! For me reports are a MAJOR influencer as to what I think of genealogy software. Extremely disappointed that I can’t get a flavor of them. Back to what I see: I think that I might just go ahead a spring for the $30 and then try and determine if I switch off of Brother’s Keeper. I have a VERY long history with BK, I won’t switch without a lot of thought.


    I spent a bit more time with the 2015 version last night. Pretty much liked all that I saw other than one additional thing. I like the way I had formatted my sources in BK, much of how I formatted them came across as “Notes” to the source. Again without the ability to see how those print on a report, it is difficult to make a judgement, but from how they were formatted in the Notes section, I find it hard to believe that they would come across as a neatly formatted footnote or endnote source. I am very proud of my sources and would hate to think that a majority of the information would not print on reports or would be such a space hog that they would be unusable on the reports.

    Another note, I COULD get to anyone in my large database. I could add information to any of them, I just could not save it. The 50 person limit, I am finding, has but a limited effect on moving around your database.

    I LOVE the fact that it brought in all my locations nearly flawlessly knowing City, County & State (and Country); parsing that information correctly. Then from the location you make one click and it takes you to the current location on a map. That is really cool. There is a family mapping feature, which I have not completely figured out. I believe it plots only birth/death places on a world map for those in the ancestral line of the person you are on. I was looking for a feature that would map an individual’s life by events birth, marriage, census, residences, death, etc. I did not find it.

    The ability to format what features you like within your “windowed” structure is very nice.


What no introductory discount for new users who are willing to try the new full-featured version of Heredis?


Without Unicode support (still not in 2017 as I understand it, this is dated software. The new features are highly interesting, but it’s like adding LED high-beams to a dinosaur. Which is a shame. It seems so shiny and high-tech, but out of date out of the box.


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