Orasure Settles Lawsuit with Ancestry.Com over DNA Testing for $12.5 Million

Ancestry.com has agreed to pay OraSure Technologies Inc. and its Canadian subsidiary DNA Genotek $12.5 million to settle claims it stole patented DNA testing technology to produce its own saliva-based DNA test.

DNA Genotek sued Ancestry.com in May 2015, alleging the website stole its technology for collecting DNA via saliva samples and improved upon it for its own use in violation of the terms of an agreement between the two companies. The website offers to trace users’ ethnic background using their DNA.

Ancestry.com, according to the lawsuit, purchased DNA Genotek saliva test kits in 2012 and 2013 in order to collect saliva samples from its customers, then filed for its own patent for an improved version of the device in 2013 without DNA Genotek’s consent.

Details may be found in an article by Scott Kraus in The Morning Call web site at https://goo.gl/1KZYg1.


Sadly this mistake by Ancestry will drive up cost of their testing and website for genealogists.


You have to wonder why these two companies couldn’t have worked out this settlement before either of them was forced to resort to litigation. The pre-trial discovery costs alone must have been astronomical on both sides, not to mention the attorney fees.


All the more reason to use another DNA tester


and the spit sample is not convenient for those of us with dry mouths — prefer the cheek swab which I took years before from another lab


American business ‘ethics’ take until someone stops you.


I like the last comment….. yep “american business ethics” involve ONLY the issue of making MORE MONEY, in any way or manner as long as you don’t get caught…..This company is only interested in MONEY and THEY want to control the geneo. field in ALL its’ aspects… that is why I don’t use them. I would go back to driving, gas, and motels before I gave them money for any thing!!!!!!


Timely post, as my subscription was set to renew later this month. Stealing is stealing… perhaps they don’t need my money anymore.


Is there a DNA tester that is compatible with Ancestry? This lawsuit and settlement is distressing. I think DNA tests are already pricy and now they will be more so.


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